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Subsections & Components

L10 - Analysis of data from wells and boreholes
L10.2.01 Pumping test analysis by analytical solutions (AQ-AT)
L20 - Aquifer simulation models
L20.2.04 Modular finite-difference groundwater flow model (MODFLOW)
L20.3.05 A model for unsaturated flow above a shallow water table (MUST)
L20.3.07 Pathlines and travel times based on analytical solutions (AQ-AS)
L20.3.10 Groundwater head drawdowns based on analytical solutions (AQ-AP)
L20.3.11 Aquifer simulation model
L20.3.12 SGMP - Simulation of watertable behavior in groundwater systems
L20.3.13 Complete program package for modelling groundwater flow (TRIWACO)
L20.3.14 MicroFEM - Finite-element multiple-aquifer steady-state and transient ground water flow modeling
L30 - Groundwater forecasting
L30.3.02 SALTMOD - Predicting depth to watertable and soil salinity



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