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Regional Working Groups on Hydrology

The six Regional Associations (RAI - Africa, RAII - Asia, RAIII - South America, RAIV - North and Central America, RA V - South-west Pacific and RAVI - Europe) of WMO have each established a working group on hydrology (WGH) with terms of reference encompassing the range of topics covered by the HWRP. Decisions concerning the implementation of these regional activities are taken by the associations at their four-yearly meetings. The work is undertaken by the associations' rapporteurs and working groups, with the support of the WMO Secretariat, the technical support being provided by the HWR Department. These working groups consider hydrological problems of interest in their respective Regions including, for example:

  1. Surveys on the adequacy of networks of hydrological stations in WMO Regions;
  2. Surveys on hydrological data transmission and processing facilities, data banks and requirements of Members for hydrological forecasting;
  3. The application of WMO standards and recommended practices in hydrology;
  4. The development and promotion of regional aspects of the HOMS with respect to its application to the particular needs of the various Regions;
  5. Contributions to projects under WCP-Water;
  6. Studies of the special problems faced and the resulting needs of Hydrological Services in specific climatic zones.

Some of these projects, namely (a) and (e) above, are undertaken jointly with CHy.

The RAs WGH also follow up on the implementation of relevant decisions of Congress and other WMO bodies within their Regions. The chairmen of these working groups have also been appointed, pursuant to a decision by Congress, as the regional hydrological advisers to the presidents of the regional associations. Meetings between the president of CHy and these regional advisers, scheduled to take advantage of their attendance at sessions of the Executive Council, allow for an exchange of experience on, and further the co-ordination of, activities at global and regional levels.

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