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Workshop on the Strategy and Action plan of the WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative

Developed in 2003, the WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative (FFI) is based on the analysis of weaknesses of current forecasting systems and with a focus to enhance the ability of National Hydrological and Meteorological Services (NMHSs) to cooperate in an effective manner to provide improved flood forecasting services.

The Fifteenth Congress of WMO in 2007 had endorsed the “Strategy and Action Plan for the Enhancement of Cooperation between National Meteorological and National Hydrological Services for Improved Flood Forecasting”. Subsequently, in its Resolution 3, the Commission for Hydrology (CHy) during its thirteenth session in 2008 (CHy-XIII, 2008) decided “To supplement the Strategy and Action Plan on the Flood Forecasting Initiative with a detailed activity plan that will assist Members in establishing flood forecasting systems." The objective of this workshop has therefore been to develop an Activity Plan based on the Strategy and Action Plan of the WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative.

The principal result of the workshop has been the adoption of an Activity Plan, and the provision of guidance to implement the Activity Plan together with the consideration of potential pilot projects and the development of a framework to assess the efficiency of flood forecasting services.

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Goniaddzki WMO Workshop on the Strategy and Action Plan of the WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative, Dra. Dora Goniadzki,INA, Argentina Download PDF Download PPT
The European Flood Alert System Download PDF Download PPT
WITTNER Flood forecasting and Hydrometry in France, Caroline Wittwer, National Centre for Flood Forecasting SCHAPI, FranceDownload PDF Download PPT
WELLENS-MENSAH Flood Forecasting Issues in Ghana, J. Wellens-Mensah, GhanaDownload PDF Download PPT
YAN HUANG Flood Forecasting System for Changjiang River, Yan Huang, Bureau of Hydrology, Changjiang Water Resources Commission, ChinaDownload PDF Download PPT
FPEW-1 Flood Preparedness and Early Warning Project(FPEW-I), Flood Forecasting in EN Region, Nile Basin Initiatives (NBI), Easter Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO)Download PDF Download PPT
SCHARFFENBERG Hydrologic Engineering Center, William Scharffenberg, US Army Corps of EngineersDownload PDF Download PPT
INTRODUCTION Introduction of the Workshop, WMODownload PDF Download PPT
PLANOS Working for a flood warning system in WMO RA IV, Eduardo Planos, Hydrological Adviser RA IV, Institute of Meteorology, CubaDownload PDF Download PPT
ALDANA Pilot projects for transferring knowledge and technology and strengthening international cooperation, Angel Luis Aldana Valverde, PROHIMETDownload PDF Download PPT
SOTHARAT INSAWANG An overview on Flood forecasting, Sotharat Insawang, Thai Meteorological DepartmentDownload PDF Download PPT
SAP Key features of the SAP, WMODownload PDF Download PPT
MHO FORECASTERS MHO-forecasters (meteorologists, hydrologists, oceanographers) work at the same division (forecasting division at SMHI).The forecasting division gets IT-support from SMHI's own IT-division. SMHIDownload PDF Download PPT
FORECASTING IN USA Forecasting in the USA, United States of AmericaDownload PDF Download PPT




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