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Manual on Water Resources Assessment

One of the recommendations shared by the participants in the various introductory workshops on the “Handbook for review of national capabilities” was the request to WMO to develop guidance material on water resources assessment (WRA) practices and methods. To respond to the request WMO has started the development of a “Manual on Water Resources Assessment”. The Handbook and the planned Manual are closely complementary. While the first provides a methodology to identify and assess the strengths and weaknesses of a NHS in performing WRA, the second provides principles, methods and technical guidance on how to actually perform WRA itself.

The Manual is being developed in the framework of the CHy activities on Water Resources Assessment and Water Use lead by Ms Ann Calver (UK). A team of experts in charge of the preparation of the manual, lead by Mr Frank Farquharson, met in WMO headquarters in Geneva in September 2005 to discuss the scope of the manual, agree on its table of contents and on a timetable for the completion of the work.

The Manual is aimed at providing the National Hydrological Services (NHS) and other operational agencies with state of the art methods for assessing the water resources availability and potential of its exploitation at the national, subnational or regional scale in support of Integrated Water Resources Management. The manual will deal with both surface and groundwater resources conjunctively. The focus will be mainly on water balance and water availability, while the issues of the water use, water quality and ecological needs will be dealt with less detail.

Upon completion of the final draft field application of the methodologies will be undertaken in a few countries. It is also anticipated that the manual would be freely downloadable from WMO web site.





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