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File and folder synchronization

1. To enable participants to facilitate and synchronize access to all Cg-XVI documents, we will be distributing Allway Sync Pro, the award-winning file and folder synchronization software.

2. Allway Sync can automatically check the contents of specified folders on a remote ftp server at regular intervals. For example, if there have been changes in the folders, the software will automatically download the changes to your computer (desktop PC or laptop/notebook). The software automatically maintains a copy of the latest contents of the folder on your computer.

3. Two (2) licences for the Pro version of Allway Sync will be provided for each delegation. One licence allows you to install Allway Sync Pro on a single computer. Your licence can be transferred if you change your computer. In order to comply with the licensing requirements, we are counting on you not to exceed two (2) installations per delegation. If you do wish to transfer your licence to a different computer, you will need to UNINSTALL the program on the computer used for the original installation.

Please note that additional licences can be bought online via the secure Allway Sync Website (

4. The software purchased by WMO for participants can be downloaded from:
The username and password will be sent to Permanent Representatives in a separate email.

4.1. During the download, you can safely ignore the browser security warnings about the dangers of downloading executable files. This software does not contain any viruses, spyware, adware or any other malicious software.

4.2. When the download window appears, be sure to click "Save". Please make a note of the directory into which the program is saved and execute the installation program from that location. Follow the installation instructions.

For any technical assistance please contact: helpdesk mail







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