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Climate Mosaic, an exceptional exhibit on the occasion of the 16th World Meteorological Congress

On the occasion of the 16th World Meteorological Congress, an exhibition aimed at sensitizing public opinion about the need for integrating climate information in planning and decision-making is taking place at Geneva lake side, “Esplanade du Palais Wilson”, from 23 May to 28 July 2011. The exhibition entitled “Climate Mosaic” consists of six images of monumental size (7x5 meters each) by photographer Alban Kakulya. They are drawn from the WMO calendar 2011. The exhibition is installed by Imaginaid in partnership with the World Meteorological Organization and is fully sponsored.

Press release by Imaginaid


ice berg sur la plage

Geneva tram promotes WMO

A tram is circulating in Geneva that promotes the work of WMO during the 16th WMO Meteorological Congress (16 May to 3 June). Financed by the Government of Switzerland, the tram promotes the WMO contribution to addressing climate change in the areas of water management, disaster risk reduction, agriculture and food security. The tram is circulating on the lines 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 from 2 May to 31 July 2011, and is part of an initiative by the Geneva public transport system to promote sustainable development efforts.










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