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Choose your source and target languages by clicking on "TermBase Languages" in the left-hand column.

Basic search

Enter the term/expression you would like to look for in the Search text box → Click Search

By default the search will be performed according to the "start with" option, which means that you will find records starting with the term/expression you type in the search field. To extend your search to records containing a term/expression (not only "starting with"), we recommend the use, in the search field, of the wildcard character * followed by the term without a space (ex. *meteorology).


Examples of search Results
*meteorology agrometeorology, biometeorology, arctic meteorology
meteorolog*agriculture Meteorology and agriculture (1968) (WMD theme)
*meteorology*agriculture National Seminar on Meteorology in the Service of Agriculture
*meteorol* prov Aviation Meteorological Service Providers


Advanced Search:

- In the left-hand column, click on "Advanced Search".
- Enter your term in the "Search for" text box.
- Click on the button "Options" on the top right-hand of the window to refine your search.
- Click on "Fields" to refine your search by the listed fields.
- Click on "Languages" to choose the language in which you would like to perform the search (by default: English).
- Click on "Settings" to refine your search further by type: all words, starts with, consecutive words, any words, contains, etc.

- Finally, click on the "Search" button on the top of the page.                           

Once you get the results, click on View to see the whole record in all available languages. To go back to the results of your "advanced search", click again on "Advanced search" in the left-hand column.

To go back to the Basic search, click on the button "Close Search" on the top right-hand side.


IMPORTANT - Closing a TermBase session

To close a TermBase session, click on the Log out link, which is found at the top right-hand corner of the screen.


Some of the tips provided here are taken from Multitrans Guides.




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