SEMDP in East Asia and Western Pacific

(works in progress)

The Space-based Weather and Climate Extremes Monitoring Demonstration Project (SEMDP), East Asia and Western Pacific Regional Subproject initiated in 2018 with a duration of two years.  It is envisaged to involve selected WMO Regional Climate Centres (RCCs) and National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) in the SEMDP and to initially confine the project to space-based monitoring of persistent heavy/little rainfall events and drought events over periods of a pentad or a week up to month.  It is noted that currently extreme events are diagnosed on monthly basis by most of RCCs.  During the SEMDP the WMO RCCs will validate satellite derived products with CLIMAT and/or SYNOP data for monitoring persistent heavy/little rainfall and drought.


The 2-year SEMDP will concentrate on products at national and regional levels.  Items to be worked on include:

  • monitoring persistent heavy/little rainfall and droughts;
  • making best use of existing and newly developed satellite derived products and time series of measurements;
  • making best use of products that combine satellite information with in-situ and/or model reanalysis data;
  • validating satellite derived products with surface-based observations;
  • making use of recommended practices for monitoring extreme climate events;
  • recommendations as to which products should be transitioned from research to operations, including an assessment of those products.
SEMDP conceptual scheme