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The WMO Space Programme Calendar lists all relevant conferences and meetings

Date Name and Link to Event Place Host
21/07/14 to 01/08/14 Joint COSPAR and WMO Capacity Building Workshop on Satellite remote sensing, water cycle and climate change Tver', Russian Federation COSPAR, WMO, Tver' State University
02/08/14 to 10/08/14 40th COSPAR Scientific Assembly Moscow, Russia
06/09/14 to 07/09/14 RA I Dissemination Expert Group, 5th Session Johannesburg, South Africa EUMETSAT, SAWS, WMO
08/09/14 to 12/09/14 11th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa Johannesburg, South Africa EUMETSAT, SAWS
08/09/14 to 11/09/14 CBS Ext(14) Asuncion, Paraguay WMO
12/09/14 to 13/09/14 CBS-TECO Asuncion, Paraguay
17/09/14 to 19/09/14 EarthCARE Scientific Workshop JAXA
22/09/14 to 26/09/14 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference Geneva, Switzerland EUMETSAT, MeteoSwiss, WMO
29/09/14 to 01/10/14 PSTG-4 NASA GSFC NASA, WMO
30/09/14 to 02/10/14 8th FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Data Users' Workshop Boulder, CO, United States
03/10/14 Ionosphere-Atmosphere Coordination Workshop Boulder, CO, USA UCAR, WMO
06/10/14 to 10/10/14 14th EMS meeting and 10th ECAC Prag, Czech Rep.
13/10/14 to 17/10/14 Symposium on Climate Research and Earth Observation from Space Darmstadt, Germany WCRP, EUMETSAT
23/10/14 to 24/10/14 8th Coastal Altimetry Workshop Konstanz, Germany ESA
28/10/14 to 01/11/14 CEOS Plenary Tromso, Norway EUMETSAT, Norwegian Space Agency
29/10/14 to 31/10/14 5th Asia Oceania Met. Sat. Users Conference Shanghai, China CMA
17/11/14 to 21/11/14 International Precipitation Working Group (IPWG), 7th Workshop Tsukuba, Japan JMA, WMO, CGMS
17/11/14 to 21/11/14 ESWW-11 Liege, Belgium
27/04/15 to 01/05/15 NOAA Satellite Conference 2015 College Park Drive, MD, United States NOAA


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