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IGDDS goal and scope

The goal of the WMO Integrated Global Data Dissemination Service (IGDDS) project is to ensure the definition and operational implementation of an efficient circulation scheme of space-based observation data and products meeting the needs of WMO programmes, in the context of the WMO Information System (WIS).

End to End System
Illustration 1: The role of IGDDS with respect to the "end-to-end sytem" for meteorological satellite data

IGDDS addresses different functions of the data circulation scheme:

  • User requirements review mechanism in every region
  • Data concentration (see dedicated RARS project for timely availability of polar-data high-level products) and inter-regional data exchange
  • Data dissemination (via telecom satellite broadcast, via Direct Broadcast, via Internet or via the GTS point-to-point network)
  • Data access on request, allowing data discovery and delivery to authorized users
  • Data and user management including interoperable catalogue, quality of service monitoring and user support.

Baseline architecture

The baseline for IGDDS is a collection of regional dissemination components linked in a global network for inter-regional data exchange. Each regional component will include a Data Collection and Product Centre (DCPC) as defined in WIS and will ensure routine dissemination by various means including a satellite-based Digital Video Broadcast (DVB-S) service covering its region. (Examples of such DVB-S systems are: EUMETCAST, FengYunCast, MITRA, NOAAPORT.)

IGDDS project activities

  • Establishing a Rolling Requirements Review process to express regional data needs
  • Expanding the coverage and contents of the RARS network for polar satellite data
  • Expanding DVB-S broadcast services towards quasi global coverage
  • Implementing inter-regional data exchange mechanisms allowing common dissemination systems to be shared by several data providers
  • Global coordination among CGMS satellite operators to ensure interoperability along WIS standards, in particular as concerns metadata, catalogues and filenames.


Reports from all meetings related to the IGDDS project are available under Working Documents

Project documentation is available under Publications



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