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17th World Meteorological Congress
Side Event
Ensuring User Readiness for New-Generation Meteorological Satellites
Date/Time: 27 May 2015, 13.15 -14.15
Venue: CICG
Salle 3
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  CBS Guideline for Ensuring User Readiness for New Generation Satellites
  Event Flyer

Speaker Presentation

Wenjian Zhang
Director, WMO Space Programme

Opening remarks

Toshihiko Hashida, JMA

Benefits of the new-generation Himawari-8 geostationary satellite for the Asia-Pacific region

Mark Paese , NOAA

Preparing users in the Americas to GOES-R and JPSS

Sue Barrell, Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Incorporating new satellite data streams in weather and climate services

Mikael Rattenborg, WMO

Using the Satellite User Readiness Navigator (SATURN) to prepare for new-generation meteorological satellites



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