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Date: Thursday 25 October and Friday 26 October 2012  (Following NAEDEX-24/APSDEU-12)
Venue: MetOffice Headquarters, Exeter, United Kingdom
(See metoffice website for practical information on access and logistics)
Final Report: Published here : Reports and Publications (as soon as available)

Agenda Item Related Working Documents and Background Information 
1 Introduction  (25/10  15:00)

Status of the RARS/ATOVS network  (25/10  15:15-17:30)
Asia-Pacific RARS  (verbal)
South America RARS/Report from Argentina  
South America RARS/Report from Brasil
EUMETSAT report on EARS  
RARS central monitoring and software issues (EUM NWP SAF)
Dissemination, timeliness and coding issues
Procedure to report on anomalies

3 Further development of RARS/ATOVS  (26/10  9:00)
Metop receiving sites and inclusion of Metop/ATOVS data
Possible addition of new sites (South-Africa, Pacific, cooperation with CLS)
4 Implementation of RARS for Metop/IASI and S-NPP data  (9:30-13:15)
EARS concept for IASI and S-NPP data services
S-NPP receiving stations
Telecommunication issues for the Asia-Pacific and South America
Implementation plan for Metop/IASI data in RARS
Implementation plan for S-NPP data in RARS
5 Other business  (13:15)
User interaction
RARS website
6 Conclusions  (13:30)
Summary of actions
Next meetings
Reports and general background Information
  Report of the fifth RARS IG meeting/ ITSC-18 RARS Technical subgroup (Toulouse, 22/3/2012)
  Report of the RARS progress meeting on 4 May 2011 in Boulder
  Project Plan for the Extension of the RARS Network to Advanced Sounders
  Status and locations of RARS receiving stations
  RARS Operators Standards
  RARS web page
  List of participants (provisional)
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