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PSTG SAR Coordination Working Group

The SAR Coordination Working Group (SAR CWG) is a subsidiary group of the Polar Space Task Group (PSTG). It is tasked with requests for coordinated acquisition, dissemination, processing and analysis of satellite-based SAR data in response to requests by the user community, and on behalf of PSTG.

PSTG recommended establishment of the SAR Coordination WG at its second session in June 2012 (PSTG-2 Final Report).




Date Agenda and documents Final Report
12-13 Nov 2012   PSTG-SARCWG-1 Final Report
21 May 2013 PSTG-SARCWG-2 PSTG-SARCWG-2 Final Report
5-6 Nov 2014 PSTG-SARCWG-3 PSTG-SARCWG-3 Final Report
8-9 Oct 2015 PSTG-SARCWG-4 PSTG-SARCWG-4 Final Report
12-13 Sep 2016 PSTG-SARCWG-5 PSTG-SARCWG-5 Final Report


Three-Year Implementation Plan (March 2016)


Data Compendium (April 2016), Poster (April 2016)


User Requirements considered by PSTG


Terms of Reference




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