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Links to RA-II Satellite Data and Products

This page provides links to various information on satellite data/products in RA-II.

Information on Satellite Operation

The following links provide information about satellite operation by RA-II satellite operators.

Imagery of Related Meteorological Satellites

The following table provides links to be accessible to the webpages of satellite imagery by WMO RA-II satellite operators.

HDF Format : FY-2D, FY-2E
HDF Format : FY-3A
EUMETSAT Format Information

Information for Major Satellite Products

The following table provides links to find information about products on particular themes.

General EUMETSAT Product Information
EUMETSAT: Ozone SAF, Ocean and Sea Ice SAF, Climate Monitoring SAF, Land Surface Analysis SAF, Hydrology SAF, Nowcasting SAF, NWP SAF, GRAS SAF

Information for Major Satellite Products (Precipitation)

The following links provide template and catalogue to find information about products on precipitation.

IMD  - 
JMA  - Imagery with heavy rainfall potential area
JAXA  - Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation (GSMaP)
 - Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM)
KMA  - Rainfall Intensity
CMA  - 
EUMETSAT  - Hydrology SAF

Education and Training in Satellite Meteorology

The following links provide information about education and training in Satellite Meteorology in RA-II.

This free web portal provides easy access to a wide range of useful information and training materials.
Note: Registration required.

Links to RA-II Satellite Operators

The following provide links to RA-II satellite operators and related organizations.




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