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Satellite Status

Maintained by WMO on behalf of CGMS

This page lists the status of current and future satellites contributing to the WMO Global Observing System (GOS). This information is extracted from OSCAR/Space, (Observing Systems Capability Analysis and Review Tool). For further information, please go directly to the tool, which offers search, filter and export facilities and addresses a larger number of Earth observation satellites.

The links in the tables also lead directly to OSCAR/Space. For more details on the satellites, e.g. payload characteristics, data access or telecommunication frequencies please click on the respective name.


Operational Satellite Programmes
(by orbit type)
  R & D Satellite Programmes
(ordered by launch date)
Geostationary orbit Current Satellites Future Satellites   Current R & D Satellites Future R & D Satellites
Highly Elliptical orbit Current Satellites Future Satellites      
Sun-synchronous orbit Current Satellites Future Satellites      
Drifting orbit Current Satellites Future Satellites      


Current Geostationary Satellites


Future Geostationary Satellites


Current Highly Elliptical Orbit Satellites


Future Highly Elliptical Orbit Satellites


Current sun-synchronous LEO Satellites


Future sun-synchronous LEO Satellites


Current drifting LEO Satellites


Future drifting LEO Satellites

Current R&D Satellites

(ordered by launch date)


Future R&D Satellites

(ordered by launch date, showing only firmly planned Satellites)





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