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Technical Conference on Changing Climate and Demands for Climate Services for Sustainable Development

Antalya, Turkey, 16-18 February 2010


Poster Arrangements

Participants of the CCl-XV Technical Conference have the opportunity to display posters.

Poster Guidelines

  1. Your poster shall refer to the themes of the Technical Conference.
  2. Posters and related abstracts shall be in English language only.
  3. The size of the poster boards is 70 x 90 cm.
  4. Poster viewing is recommended during the breaks of the Technical Conference, where poster authors are encouraged to be present. Please note that conference programme does not allow for any presentation in the plenary to introduce posters.
  5. Please fix your poster during official Conference registration (Monday, 15 February, 16:00 – 18:00). Poster boards will be identified by the name of the respective (lead) author.
  6. Please note that all posters left on the boards will be discarded after CCl-XV!

Abstracts Submission

  1. Poster authors are strongly encouraged to provide an abstract.  Your abstract also serves as a poster registration.
  2. Poster abstracts will be provided in the form of an abstract volume during the Technical Conference.
  3. If you wish to present a poster, please provide an abstract (see template below) to Mr Peer Hechler ( by 31st January 2010. Please note that, due to logistic constraints, neither can delayed abstract submissions be included in the poster abstract volume, nor can posters brought to the Technical Conference without prior registration be displayed.
  4. The entire abstract including references shall not exceed 2 pages of A4 size, in single space.
  5. Please provide electronic copies of the abstracts in formats compatible with Microsoft Word.
  6. Please do not use colours – the poster abstract volume will be printed in black and white only.
  7. Poster abstract template:
    • Title of the session of the Technical Conference you are referring to;
    • Title of the poster;
    • Author’s name(s) and affiliation(s), including Email address(es);
    • Executive Summary (header line in bold);
    • Content (text only, no figures; please focus on scientific results rather than a pure description on what the poster is showing);
    • References.




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