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Twelfth Session of the CAgM

Accra, Ghana, 18-26 October 1999

The twelfth session of the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM-XII) was held in Accra, Ghana, from 18-26 October 1999.  A total of 91 participants attended from 55 countries and nine international organizations.

As was the tradition, the Commission established 6 Working Groups (including the Advisory Working Group) and 11 Joint Rapporteurs. Two teams were also designated to collect case-studies of economically beneficial agrometeorological applications and services and to revise the Guide to Agricultural Meteorological Practices (WMO-No. 134). The Commission agreed on a guiding "statement of need", which it focused its activities during the next intersessional period, i.e. "to promote agrometeorology and agrometeorological applications for efficient, sustainable agriculture, silviculture and aquaculture for an increasing world population in rapidly changing environments".

The Commission Dr R. Motha (USA) and Mr L. Akeh (Nigeria) were elected president and vice-president of the Commission, respectively. The 12th Session of CAgM was preceded by an International Workshop on Agricultural Meteorology: Needs and Perspectives in the 21st Century from 15-17 February 1999.

Abridged Final Report with resolutions and recommendations (WMO-No. 900)



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