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Thirteenth Session of the CAgM

Ljubljana, Slovenia - 10 to 18 October 2002

The thirteenth session of the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM-XIII) was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 10-18 October 2002.  A total of 104 participants from 66 countries and four international organizations participated.

The Commission adopted a new structure based on the Open Programme Area Group (OPAG) concept to allow for both flexilibilty and rigour in delivery pf its programmes. It established three OPAGs, three Implementation/Coordination Teams (ICTs) associated with them and nine Expert Team under the three OPAGs.

The Commission established a CAgM Management Group and selected the chairpersons for the three OPAGs.  Dr R. Motha (USA) and Mr L. Akeh (Nigeria) were re-elected president and vice-president of the Commission, respectively. The 13th Session of CAgM was preceded by an International Workshop on Reducing the Vulnerability of Agriculture and Forestry to Climate Variability and Climate Change from 7-9 October 2002.

Abridged Final Report with resolutions and recommendations (WMO-No. 951)





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