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CAgM Management Group (2018-2022)

CAgM President
Roger Stone (Australia)


CAgM Vice President
Orivaldo Brunini (Brazil)


Focus Area 1: Weather and Climate Services for Agriculture

Chairperson: Yvette Everingham (Australia)

Co-chairperson: Kyurang Kim (Republic of Korea)

Focus Area 2: Research and Technology Development in Agrometeorology

Chairperson: Harlan Shannon (USA)

Co-chairperson: Lorena Ferreira (Argentina)

Focus Area 3: Agrometeorological Risk Management

Chairperson: Guangsheng Zhou (China)

Co-chairperson: Meriem Alaouri (Morocco)

Focus Area 4: Communications, Education and Capacity Development

Chairperson: Adamou Sitta (Niger)

Co-chairperson: Elena Mateescu (Romania)

Advisors to the CAgM President on an ex-officio basis

Federica Rossi (Italy)


Terms of Reference for CAgM Management Group (MG)

(a) Monitor and review the internal structure and working methods of the Commission and make necessary adjustments to the working structure in the intersessional period;

(b) Ensure the overall integration of the focus areas and coordinate strategic planning issues;

(c) Review and approve  the work plans for the activation of Focus Area expert teams taking into account the requirements expressed at the session of the Commission, and assess and evaluate the progress achieved and provide continuing guidance on timescales for their works and outputs;

(d) Advise the president of the Commission on matters related to cooperation with other technical commissions and support to other WMO and related programmes;

(e) Advise the president of the Commission on requirements arising between its sessions for new appointments of Focus Areas chairpersons and co-chairpersons, the establishment or activation of teams, and the designation of team leaders;

(f) Advise the president on all other matters related to the work of the Commission;

(g) Identify opportunities for co-sponsorship and cost sharing of events with partners and sponsors;

(h) Conduct as much of the work as possible through electronic means of communication, thus minimizing the costs and environmental impacts of travel.

Activities for CAgM Management Group

  • To be determined



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