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CAgM OPAGs (2010-2014)

At the 15th session of the Commission of Agricultural Meteorology in Brazil in 2010, the Commission continued to use an Open Programme Area Group (OPAG) concept with the same OPAGs but made changes in the Expert Teams. The following OPAGS and Expert Teams were agreed upon:

OPAG 1: Agrometeorological Services for Agricultural Production

OPAG 2: Support Systems for Agrometeorological Services

OPAG 3: Climate Change/Variability and Natural Disasters in Agriculture

Expert Teams Reporting Directly to the President and/or Management Group

CAgM Experts serving on teams of other Technical Commissions

  • Joint CCL/CAgM/CHy Expert Groupon Climate, Food, and Water
  • Inter-Commission Group on WMO Information Group (ICG-WIS)
  • Inter-Programme Expert Team on Metadata Implementation (IPET-MI)
  • Inter-Commission Task Team on Quality Management Framework (ICTT-QMF)
  • CAgM Representative to Group on Earth Observations (GEO)

Note: ICT stands for Implementation/Coordination Team and ET stands for Expert Teams.





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