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OPAG 1 - Agrometeorological Services for Agricultural Production

ICAS 1.1 | ETSOAS 1.2 ETAAPS 1.3 

The goal of the OPAG 1 is to maintain an active and responsive overview of all activities related to provision of improved agrometeorological services to agriculture, rangeland, forestry and fishery sectors, strengthening information and dissemination networks (including monitoring and early warning systems) and management of natural resources.


Chair Sue WALKER RA I (South Africa)
Co-Chair L.S. RATHORE RA II (India)


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This OPAG is composed of one Implementation/Coordination Team (ICT) and two Expert Teams (ET). 


1.1 - Implementation/Coordination Team (ICT) on Agrometeorological Services (ICAS)

Terms of Reference for ICAS 

(a) To review and coordinate the activities of the OPAG, as well as additional related activities of priority to the Commission, in order to ensure their effective implementation and adoption within Member countries;

(b) To consider agrometeorological requirements for developing farm-level strategies and for making specific proposals for applications to agriculture, forestry and fisheries, based on the output of the ETs;

(c) To make recommendations on regional training needs to improve agrometeorological services to various sectors such as agriculture, forestry, fisheries, etc.;

(d) To encourage accurate, reliable and systematic procedures for regionalized services to agriculture;

(e) To raise awareness of the work of the OPAG and to capture opportunities for promoting its work;

(f) To liaise with the various coordinators of the CAgM MG, as appropriate, in the implementation of the activities of the team; and

(g) To prepare reports in accordance with timetables established by the OPAG and/or the MG.


Membership for ICAS

Chair Sue WALKER RA I (South Africa)
Co-Chair L.S. RATHORE RA II (India)
Tohami ABOGARSI   RA I (Libya)
LU Houquan RA II  (China)
Reinaldo GOMIDE RA III (Brazil)
Berta OMELDO  RA IV  (Panama)
Stephen LELLYETT RA V (Australia)
Svetlana KORSAKOVA  RA VI (Ukraine)


Activities for ICAS

    • Meeting of ICT - 30 to 31 October 2013, Pune, India
    • Final ICT Recommendations

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1.2 - Expert Team on Strengthening Operational Agrometeorological Services  (ETSOAS)

Terms of Reference for ETSOAS

(a) To document case studies on use and development of operational agrometeorological services for different regions and agro-ecological zones;

(b) To use examples of services to compile a protocol of essential components and procedures needed for successful agrometeorological services;

(c) To prepare guidelines for operational interface between NMHSs and farmers (namely for farmer’s field days, farmers field schools and roving seminars);

(d) To better utilize media capabilities in order to develop and enhance agromet service delivery;

(e) To establish more effective communication methods for interactions with farmers and obtain feedback to promote the use of operational agromet services

(f) To prepare reports in accordance with timetables established by the OPAG and/or the MG.

Membership for ETSOAS

Leader Elena MATEESCU RA VI (Romania)
Koffi KOUASSI RA I (Cote d’Ivoire)
Jose Maria Nogueira COSTA RA III (Brazil)
Adrian TROTMAN RA IV (British Caribbean Territories)
Nelly Florida RIAMA RA V  (Indonesia)


Activities for ETSOAS

    • Expert Team Meeting - 26 to 26 April 2013, Bucharest, Romania

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1.3 - Expert Team on on Application of Agrometeorological Products and Services for Sustainable Agricultural Development (ETAAPS)

Terms of Reference for ETAAPS

(a) To review and evaluate the status of agrometeorological applications to conserve and manage natural and environmental resources for the benefit of agriculture, rangelands, forestry, fisheries and other relevant rural activities;

(a) To document the use of agrometeorological products and services for policy decision makers both government and international NGOs (Red Cross, Care, World Vision);

(b) To collect case studies of agrometeorological products and services for grasslands, livestock, and natural resources management;

(c) To review and summarize agrometeorological products and services using response farming principles;

(d) To develop a list of agrometeorological products and services available to combat the influence of unfavourable weather and climate on sustainable agriculture;

(e) To promote agrometeorological courses for wider use in universities and other educational institutions;

(f) To prepare reports in accordance with timetables established by the OPAGs and/or MG.

Membership for ETAAPS

Leader Constantino ALARCON RA III (PerĂº)
Pascal YAKA RA I (Burkina Faso)
Kyu Rang KIM RA II (Republic of Korea)
Allan HOWARD RA IV (Canada)
Edna JUANILLO RA V (Philippines)
Valentina GRIGORYAN RA VI (Armenia)


Activities for ETAAPS

    • Expert Team Meeting - 22 to 23 July 2013, Lima Peru



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