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Joint Expert Team with JCOMM on Weather, Climate and Fisheries (ETWCAF)

Terms of Reference for ETWCAF

(a) To review the current data collection by JCOMM on marine meteorology, to assess how these data meet the current needs of the sustainable management in fisheries, and, as appropriate, encourage and assist fisheries vessels to make and report relevant marine meteorological and ocean observations to the WMO system;

(b) To review the effects of climate and climate variability on seasonal to decadal time scales on fisheries;

(c) To review the current climate change impacts and evaluate the impact of future climate change on fisheries;

(d) To identify risk assessment or management evaluation tools that incorporate climate variability in order to improve the sustainable management of fisheries;

(e) To review the effects of agricultural practices on coastal fisheries;

(f) To submit reports in accordance with timetables established by the OPAG and/or MG of CAgM/JCOMM.

Membership for ETWCAF

Chair - - -
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Activities for ETWCAF

  • To be determined





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