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Focus Area (OPCAME) 1- Operational Agricultural Meteorology

Focus Area 1 will emphasize the importance of improving the provision of agrometeorological products, services, services delivery and communication to users of agricultural services (e.g. for crops, rangelands, livestock, forestry, and fisheries). It will also provide guidance to enhance the contribution of the field of agricultural meteorology for operational applications in agricultural sectors.


ET 1.1 - Expert Team on Livestock, Poultry, and Inland Fisheries

ET 1.2 - Expert Team on Agromet Products

ET 1.3 - Expert Team on Forestry (Fire Weather, Fire danger rating)


TT 1.1   - Task Team on Publication on Case Studies

TT 1.2   - Task Team on Guidelines for Developing Agricultural Weather Bulletins


Joint CAgM–JCOMM Task Team on Weather, Climate and Fisheries


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