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Focus Area (OPCAME) 3 - Natural hazards and Climate Variability/Change in Agriculture

Focus Area 3 will emphasize the impacts of natural hazards and climate variability/change,
especially of extreme weather and climate events on agriculture, and development of planning, preparedness, mitigation and adaptation strategies to help agricultural development.

Focus Area 3 activities during the intersessional period 2014–2018 should work towards achieving the following outputs:

(a) Guidance material on the basics of climate science and its value for agricultural

(b) Report on existing material on agricultural adaptation to climate variability and change;

(c) Case studies and a literature review of the socio-economic impacts extreme climatic events on agriculture and prepare guidance material for Members;

(d) Update of the list of successful case studies and deficiencies in the applications of climate change projections for the sustainability of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries at national and regional levels;

(e) Successful implementation of the activities of the Joint CCl/CAgM/CHy Expert Group on
Climate, Food, and Water (JEG-CFW);

(f) Revised WMO Brochure on Weather, Climate, Water, and Food Security;

(g) Report and recommendations to CAgM on existing drought indices and potential new
drought indices in consultation with the Integrated Drought Management Programme;

(h) Report and recommendations to CAgM on weather and climate applications for improving sustainable agricultural development;

(i) Guidance material for extension services, including case studies from different countries,
on disaster risk management related to agriculture, including monitoring, assessment and
early warning services, and including agricultural insurance-orientated meteorological

(j) Compilation of methods and tools that can be applied to the mitigation of climate change and the impacts of climate variability and change, including climatic extremes.



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