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Focus Area (OPCAME) 3 - Natural hazards and Climate Variability/Change in Agriculture

ET 3.1 ¦ ET 3.2 ¦ ET 3.3

TT 3.1 ¦ TT 3.2 ¦ JEG-CFW

Focus Area 3 will emphasize the impacts of natural hazards and climate variability/change, especially of extreme weather and climate events on agriculture, and development of planning, preparedness, mitigation and adaptation strategies to help agricultural development.

ET 3.1 - Expert Team on Drought

Terms of Reference for Expert Team 3.1

(a) Review the definition of drought! Conduct a comprehensive review of the definitions and phases of drought eg: onset, duration, recovery, and the ‘end point’ of drought in all regions; 

(b) Conduct case studies and a literature review of the socio-economic impacts of drought for regions or countries with successful drought mitigation and preparedness programs and policies;

(c) Report on existing material on likely drought changes under future climate variability and change;

(d) Develop guidance material on the relevant areas of climate science in regards to drought preparedness and climate mechanisms;

(e) Report and make recommendations to CAgM on existing drought indices and potential new drought indices in consultation with the Integrated Drought Management Programme (IDMP);

(f) Engage with the GEO groups on global drought information systems, NDIS, and other relevant groups and report on synergies.

Membership for Expert Team 3.1

 Leader Allan HOWARD RA IV Canada
Rachid SEBBARI RA I Morocco
Alexander KLESCHENKO RA II  Russian Federation
Lynette BETTIO RA V Australia
Andreja SUSNIK RA VI Slovenia

Activities for Expert Team 3.1

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ET 3.2 - Expert Team on Agricultural decision-support and Extension Services on Climate Extremes

Terms of Reference for Expert Team 3.2

(a) Report on existing material on agricultural decision support and its value for agricultural stakeholders’;

(b) Update the list of successful case studies and deficiencies agricultural decision-support and extension services;

(c) Develop guidance material on the basics of decision-support and extension services and its value for agricultural stakeholders;

(d) Report and make recommendations to CAgM on maintaining and enhancing agricultural decision-support and extension services;

Membership for Expert Team 3.2

 Leader Yanling SONG RA I China
Kodjenini Augustin MIAN RA I Côte d'Ivoire
Vera PAVLOVA RA II  Russian Federation
Juan Antonio GUERRERO RA III Peru
Nelly RIAMA FLORIDA RA V Indonesia
Geert STERK RA VI Netherlands

Activities for Expert Team 3.2

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ET 3.3 - Expert Team on Weather and Climate Extremes and Agricultural Industry Needs

Terms of Reference for Expert Team 3.3

(a) Identify weather and climate extremes with consideration to outputs from CCL teams on the definition of extreme events in commission for climatology;

(b) Report on existing material on agricultural industry needs, including information from CCl ETUIP, in regards to managing weather and climate extremes;

(c) Compile lists of successful case studies and risk management strategies in linking agricultural industry needs and their management capabilities in preparing for weather and climate extremes. Include case studies of useful applications in agricultural insurance;

(d) Compile assessments of future risks and opportunities to agricultural production under climate variability and change for key agricultural industries including wheat, coffee, rangelands, grapes, cotton, sugar, especially including aspects related to climate extremes;

(e) Make a summary report and recommendations to CAgM incorporating agricultural industry needs into weather and climate services in regards to monitoring and forecasting weather and climate extremes;

Membership for Expert Team 3.3

 Leader Yvette EVERINGHAM RA VI Australia
Djergo GAYA RA I Chad
Nobuhiro MATSUOKA RA II  Japan
Flavio DEPPE RA III Brazil
Haris SYAHBUDDIN RA V Indonesia
Cathleen FRUHAUF RA VI Germany

Activities for Expert Team 3.3

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TT 3.1 - Task Team on Socio-economic impacts of weather and climate extremes on Agriculture

Terms of Reference for Task Team 3.1

(a) Make a literature review of the socio-economic impacts extreme climatic events on agriculture and prepare guidance material for Members;

(b) Examine case studies of natural hazards (eg floods/droughts) associated with climate variability and climate change and of the value of seasonal climate forecasting in decision making across agricultural value chains (farm-transport-mill-trading-export;

(c) Prepare guidance material for CAgM Members.

Membership for Task Team 3.1

 Leader Premchand GOOLAUP RA I Maurtius
  RA I  
Olga CHUB RA II  Russian Federation
Jailan SIMON RA V Malaysia
Frederic LEVRAULT RA VI France

Activities for Task Team 3.1

    • To be determined

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TT 3.2 - Task Team on Weather and Climate Modelling for Sustainable Agriculture

Terms of Reference for Task Team 3.2

(a) Review international knowledge on climate and agricultural systems in order to develop a common platform for quantifying and minimizing the environmental impact of climate variability on agriculture;

(b) Develop a plan for assembling the data infrastructure and tools required for assessing and optimizing management for the main cropping systems in each WMO region, specifically targeting countries (developing) that could most benefit;

(c) Develop case study scenarios for a few regions.

Membership for Task Team 3.2

 Leader Ward SMITH RA IV Canada
  RA I  
  RA II   
  RA III  
  RA IV   
  RA V  
  RA VI  

Activities for Task Team 3.2

    • TBD

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Joint Expert Group on Climate, Food and Water (JEG-CFW)

Terms of Reference for JEG-CFW

(a) To oversee and coordinate the joint activities of the WMO Commissions for Climatology
(CCl), Hydrology (CHy) and Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM) with regard to climate, food
and water applications related to climate variability, climate change adaptation and risk
management, particularly with a view to taking an integrated approach towards drought and
desertification issues;

(b) To oversee the development and provision of guidance on the use of methods, tools and
best practices for studying climate, food and water linkages in an integrated manner;

(c) To promote and guide the establishment of effective linkages among the operational
elements of climate service providers at the global, regional and national levels, and the
corresponding decision support systems within the water and food sectors;

(d) To recommend ways to improve the availability of data, and their integration, for CCl,
CAgM and CHy, on climate, food and water studies;

(e) To promote the effective use of climate and hydrological information associated with
climate variability and change, in water resources management and food production;

(f) To promote efforts to understand, quantify and effectively communicate the associated
uncertainty to users while delivering products and services;

(g) To promote closer working relations between WMO and the Food and Agriculture
Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Food Programme (WFP) and the
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) with regard to
climate, food and water issues;

(h) To monitor the developments in international and national forums and the United Nations
Conventions relevant to climate, food and water;

(i) To maintain close interaction with the Executive Council Working Group on Climate and
Related Weather, Water and Environmental Matters (WG-CWE) through its Focal Point.

Membership for JEG-CFW

 Leader Simone Orlandini CAgM Italy
Jan DANHELKA CHy Czech Republic
Dasarath JAYASURIYA CHy Australia
Rodney MARTINEZ CCl Ecuador
Roger STONE CCl, CAgM Australia
Simone Orlandini CAgM Italy

Activities for JEG-CFW

    • Meeting of JEG-CFW. Jeju, Republic of Korea, 5 Nov 2013




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