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Focus Area (OPCAME) 4 - Capacity Development in Agricultural Meteorology

ET 4.1 ¦ ET 4.2

TT 4.1 ¦ TT 4.2 ¦ GFCS-UIP

Focus Area 4 will promote the training, education, and outreach related to agricultural meteorological topics to expedite the transfer of knowledge and methodologies, including research, coordination, communication, and user interface of relevant information services for the agricultural community to enhance capacity building. This focus area will also improve the capacity of users to understand available agricultural meteorological products and services for better uptake and appropriate use. 

ET 4.1 - Expert Team on Capacity Building

Terms of Reference for Expert Team 4.1

(a) Review and report on the synergies between WMO training programmes (e.g. crop modeling, GIS and remote sensing applications in agrometeorology, climate smart agriculture, water footprint etc.) and other international training programmes in order to identify needs/constraints/ opportunities of users to understand and use dedicated services and products;

(b) Identify training needs required to improve agricultural meteorological services and to meet user requirements ;

(c) Review the training opportunities and methodologies from funded projects and in collaboration with the Global and National Agrometeorological Societies (FA 4e);

(d) Review the WMO Global Campus Initiative and make recommendations how to integrate the work of the GCREAMS with this initiative ;

(e) Review existing agrometeorological training activities (i.e. modules, exercises, distance learning, seminars) and recommend which activities should be further used in agrometeorological training.

Membership for Expert Team 4.1

James ADAMU RA I Nigeria
Maria Elena FERNANDEZ-LONG RA III Argentina
Manasah Mkhabela RA IV  Canada
Christa PUDMENSKY RA V Australia

Activities for Expert Team 4.1

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ET 4.2 - Expert Team on Guidelines on Education and Training in Agromet

Terms of Reference for Expert Team 4.2

(a) Review existing WMO publication on Guidelines for Curricula in Agricultural Meteorology, Supplement No. 2 (WMO-No. 258) and the Manual on the Implementation of Education and Training Standards in Meteorology and Hydrology (WMO-No. 1083);

(b) Transform the existing curricula in (WMO-No. 258) into learning outcomes per WMO-No 1083;

(c) Develop a new supplement for WMO-No 1083 for agricultural meteorology;

(d) Make an inventory of existing and available agricultural meteorological textbooks for a range of levels of formal education and informal training;

(e) Make recommendations based on the review in (d) to CAgM on which agricultural meteorological textbooks are suitable.

Membership for Expert Team 4.2

 Leader Sayed Masoud MOSTAFAVI DARANI RA II Iran
Rebecca MANZOU RA I Zimbabwe
Feiyun YANG RA II  China
Patrick CHERNISKI RA IV  Canada
Ahmad Mohamad ZAKI RA V Malaysia
Valentina GRIGORYAN RA VI Armenia

Activities for Expert Team 4.2

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TT 4.1 - Task Team on Developing Online Community of Climate and Agricultural Production

Terms of Reference for Task Team 4.1

(a) Evaluation of the online use of various WMO agricultural meteorological publications;

Membership for Task Team 4.1

 Leader Lucy SAMVURA RA I Zimbabwe
Alaaeldin AWWAD RA I Egypt
Minki NOH RA II  Republic of Korea
Jeronimo GARCIA RA III Peru
  RA IV   
  RA V  
Daniel ALEXANDRA RA VI Romania

Activities for Task Team 4.1

    • To be determined

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TT 4.2 - Task Team on Identifying Agmet Publications and GAMP

Terms of Reference for Task Team 4.2

(a) Supplement to the Guide to Agricultural Meteorological Practices (WMO-No. 134) by contributing a list of updated scientific articles to supplement each GAMP chapter; Updating of the scientific articles could be delivered by inventory of the most recently proceedings/books (published after 2012) and by accessing of the ResearchGate Platform

Membership for Task Team 4.2

 Leader Nick HOLDEN RA VI Ireland
A. KAZMI RA II  Pakistan
Irene Barna Tan RA III Argentina
  RA IV   
  RA V  
Zoltan DUNKEL RA VI Hungary

Activities for Task Team 4.2

    • To be determined

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GFCS User Interface Platform for Agriculture and Food Security

Terms of Reference

Note: This group is composed of representatives of UN and International organizations (FAO, WFP, iFAD, IFRC; GEO, FEWSNET, etc).   CAgM experts can be invited on an ad-hoc basis.

Activities for UIP for Ag and Food Security

    • 18-19 Jan 2016, Rome, Italy

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