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Focus Area (OPCAME) 4 - Capacity Building in Agricultural Meteorology

Focus Area 4 will promote the training, education, and outreach related to agricultural
meteorological topics to expedite the transfer of knowledge and methodologies, including research, coordination, communication, and user interface of relevant information services for the agricultural community to enhance capacity building. This focus area will also improve the capacity of users to understand available agricultural meteorological products and services for better uptake and appropriate use.

Focus Area 4 activities during the intersessional period 2014–2018 should work towards achieving the following outputs:

(a) New supplement to WMO-No. 1083 on agricultural meteorology which would replace
WMO-No. 258, Supplement 2 ;

(b) List of available and recommended agricultural meteorological textbooks for a range of
levels of formal education and informal training;

(c) Supplement to the Guide to Agricultural Meteorological Practices (WMO-No. 134) by
contributing a list of updated scientific articles to supplement each GAMP chapter;

(d) Evaluation of the online use of various WMO agricultural meteorological publications;

(e) Identification of training needs required to improve agricultural meteorological services and to meet user requirements, based, inter alia, on training opportunities from funded projects and through collaboration with the Global and National Agrometeorological Societies;

(f) Implementation of the GFCS User Interface Platform through collaboration with
international organizations such as FAO, WFP, IFAD and others;

(g) Improved access to extrabudgetary resources to support CAgM related activities through a clearer understanding and increased influence with relevant donor agencies;

(h) Partnerships established with appropriate private sector companies providing access to
additional tools, science and funding.



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