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Focus Areas (Open Panels of CAgM Experts)

At the 16th session of the Commission of Agricultural Meteorology in Turkey in 2014, the Commission established Open Panels of CAgM Experts (OPCAMEs) which will be referred to as Focus Areas . The following Focus Areas were were agreed upon:

CAgM Management Group

Focus Area (OPCAME) 1: Operational Agricultural Meteorology

Focus Area (OPCAME) 2: Science and Technology for Agricultural Meteorology

Focus Area (OPCAME) 3: Natural Hazards and Climate Variability/Change in Agriculture

Focus Area (OPCAME) 4: Capacity Development in Agricultural Meteorology

CAgM Experts serving on teams of other Technical Commissions


The various Expert Teams and Task Teams for each Focus Area will be determined by the CAgM Management. To downoad the Focus Area Nomination Form, click here.




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