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Synthesis Workshop of the Advanced Training Institute on Climate Variability And Food Security

Geneva, Switzerland
9 -10 May 2005

Presentations:Day 1 - Monday 9 May 2005 (in Powerpoint Show format)

Where and When Do We Need Water? Development of a Regional Crop Yield and Water Demand Model Based on Sea Surface Temperature Forecasts  by Francisco Meza (0.71 MB PPS)

Towards the Development of a Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) for the Application of Climate Forecasts in Uruguayan Rice Production Sector  by Alvaro Roel (1.81 MB PPS) 

Seasonal forecasting and climate risk in the sudano-sahelian zone: Progress towards new opportunites for improved sorghum varieties  by Pierre S. Traore (5.34 MB PPS) 

Application of Seasonal Climate Forecast for Sustainable Agricultural Production in Telangana Sub-division of Andhra Pradesh, India  by Kamalesh Kumar Singh (2.28 MB PPS) 

Localized Climate Forecasting System: Seasonal Climate and Weather Prediction for Farm Level Decision-Making  by Rengalakshmi Raj (0.18 MB PPS) 

Reducing Climate Risk in Chili and Potato Production Center of Bandung District, West Java  by Rizaldi Boer (0.50 MB PPS) 

Improving Food Security and Resource Use of Irrigated Crop Production Systems Through Climate Forecasts in Southern India  by Ramasamy Selvaraju (1.34 MB PPS) 

Delivering Climate Forecast Products to Farmers: Knowledge-Based Corn Yield Forecasting System in Isabela, Philippines  by Felino Lansigan (128 MB PPS)

Day 2 - Tuesday 10 May 2005

Will Climate Forecasting and New Knowledge Tools Help Resource-Poor Farmers From Debt to Prosperity? Farmers' Participatory Approach to Manage Climate Variability by V. Nageswara Rao (1.82 MB PPS) 

Application of Climate Prediction in Rice Production in the Mekong River Delta (Vietnam) by Thuan Nguyen (0.50 MB PPS) 

Exploring Options for Improving Crop Productivity Within Some Farming Zones of Ghana Using Coupled Climate-Crop Models by Samuel Adiku (0.33 MB PPS) 

Downscaling of Climate Forecasts for Regional Scale Agricultural Application in South Africa by Trevor Lumsden (1.80 MB PPS) 

Climate Information for Food Security: Responding to users needs of climate information by Milton Waiswa (0.37 MB PPS) 



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