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International Workshop On Climate Prediction And Agriculture - Advances and Challenges

Geneva, Switzerland
11-13 May 2005

Presentations: Day 1 - Tuesday 19 April 2005 (in Powerpoint Show format)

Welcome to the CLIMAG Workshop: Goals and Objectives  by Roland Fuchs (1.44 MB PPS - PowerPoint Show File) 

Climate Prediction and Agriculture: Current Status and Future Challenges  by  M.V.K. Sivakumar (0.56 MB PPS) 

Actionable Climate Knowledge: A Plea for Synthesis in a Sea of Analyses  by Holger Meinke (4.28 MB PPS) 

Recent Developments in Dynamical Climate Seasonal Forecasting  by Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes (1.90 MB PPS) 

Enhancing the Scale and Relevance of Forecasts  by Neil Ward (2.07 MB PPS) 

Challenges Ahead: An Indian Perspective  by Sulochana Gadgil (2.78 MB PPS) 

Translating Climate Forecasts into Agricultural Terms: Advances and Challenges  by James Hansen (2.74 MB PPS) 

The Development of a Combined Crop and Climate Forecasting System by Tim Wheeler (1.51 MB PPS) 

Delivering Climate Forecast Products to Farmers: Agronomic and Economic Impacts of Advanced Climate Information on Corn Production Systems in Isabela, Philippines  by Felino Lansigan (0.65 MB PPS) 

Day 2 - Wednesday 20 April 2005

Economics and Climate Applications: Exploring the Frontier by Debora Rubas  (0.28 MB PPS) 

Bringing Climate Predictions to Smallholder Farmers: Lessons Learned from Farmer-Centered Research by Carla Roncoli (1.84 MB PPS) 

Advancing Ex-Post Assessment Methods for Climate Forecast Impacts by Mark Rosegrant (0.33 MB PPS) 

Ex Ante Impact Assessment and Seasonal Climate Forecasts: Status and Issues by Philip Thornton (0.52 MB PPS) 

Climate Forecasts and Food Security in Southern Africa: Who Can Eat Information? by Coleen Vogel (1.83 MB PPS) 

Climate Outlook Forums and Agricultural Applications by Pene Lefale (2.00 MB PPS) 

CLIMAG West Africa Project by Giampiero Maracchi (1.70 MB PPS) 

Summary of Advanced Institute Workshop: Part 1 by Francisco Meza (1.61 MB PPS)

Summary of Advanced Institute Workshop: Part 2 by Felino Lansigan (0.02 MB PPS) 

Institutionalizing Climate Applications for Agriculture by Arjunapermal Subbiah (1.31 MB PPS) 

The CGIAR Perspective on Institutional Support for Climate Applications by Barry Shapiro (2.94 MB PPS) 

Institutional Capacity Building Through the Regional Climate Outlook Forums by Kabineh Koneh (1.63 MB PPS)

Day 3 - Thursday 21 April 2005

A Climate Science Perspective by Hartmut Grassl (0.03 MB PPS) 

An Agricultural Development Perspective by Jock Anderson (0.21 MB PPS) 




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