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Expert Team Meeting on the Contribution of Agriculture to the State of Climate

Ottawa, Canada
27-30 September 2004

Presentations: Day 1 - Monday 27 September 2004 (in Powerpoint Show format)

When did agriculture start affectingh climate by J. Salinger (2.0 MB)

Comparison of radiative and turbulent fluxes over forested and agricultural land: implications for climate by A. Betts (6.6 MB)

Evidence for the influence of Agriculture on Weather and Climate through the Transformation and Management of Vegetation: Illustrated by examples from the Canadian Prairies by R. Raddatz (4.4 MB)

Interactions between climate and desertification  By M.V.K. Sivakumar (0.5 MB)

Climate impact of agriculture-related land use change in the USA by J. Adegoke (7.4 MB)

Discoveries using data from the Oklahoma Mesonet By K. Crawford (3.3 MB)

Day 2 - Tuesday 28 September 2004

Biophysical forcing of climate by anthropogenic vegetation change by P. Fallon and R. Betts (4.1 MB)

Impact of a reduction in summer fallowing on the climate in the Prairies by S. Gameda (1.9 MB)

Impact of drought on land surface albedo by S. Wang (6.9 MB)

Livestock methane emissions: measurement, methods, inventory estimation, and the global methane cycle  by K. Lassey (2.4 MB)

Tools for quantifying GHG emissions from agroecosystems  by E. Pattey (4.6 MB)

GHG emissions from agroecosystems and mitigation potential  by X. Verge (3.1 MB)

Study on GHG emission and mitigation in agroecosystems by Z. Chaodong and J. Guo (0.3 MB)

Day 3 - Wednesday 28 September 2004



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