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Meeting of the Expert Team on Climate Change/Variability and Medium- to Long-Range Predictions for Agriculture

Brisbane, Australia
15-18 February 2005


Meeting Report Programme Participants
Day 1 Presentations Day 2 Presentations Day 3 Presentations  

Day 1 Presentations - Tuesday 15 February 2005 (in pdf)

Open Programme Area Group on Climate Climate/Variability and Natural Disasters in Agriculture  by Jim Salinger (0.63 MB PDF) 

Climate Matters – Australia’s approach for better climate risk management  by Roger Stone (1.75 MB PDF) 

Successes and failures in matching climate knowledge to sectors and scales  by Holger Meinke (1.82 MB PDF) 

Global capabilities to take climate change/ variability and long-range prediction into account for better agricultural decisions  by M.V.K. Sivakumar (0.68 MB PDF) 

Funding climate applications research: successes, failures and fallacies  by Barry White (0.42 MB PDF) 

Application of seasonal climate prediction in agriculture in China  by Shili Wang (4.71 MB PDF) 

MJO forecasts as tactical decision tools  by Lexie Donald (0.90 MB PDF) 

Variability and trends of Australian wheat yields  by Graeme Hammer & Andries Potgieter (1.53 MB PDF) 

Implications of climate change on long lead forecasting and global agriculture  by Ray Motha (3.37 MB PDF) 

Climate forecasting - the Southwest Pacific experience by Jim Salinger (1.30 MB PDF)

Summary of key points/conclusions of Day 1 (0.09 MB PDF)

Day 2 Presentations - Wednesday 16 February 2005 (in pdf)

Helping society make better use of GCMs by Scott Power (3.61 MB PDF) 

Climate change and variability research at Turkish State Meteorological Service by Ismail Demir (2.12 MB PDF) 

Climate risk technologies in rural industries - a better approach all around or a technology in search for applications by Andrew Ash (1.04 MB PDF) 

The emperor's new clothes: software, wetware or nowhere? The thorny road to adoption: climate-product dissemination for agriculture in the USA by Jürgen Garbrecht (1.29 MB PDF) 

The emperor's new clothes: software, wetware or nowhere? The thorny road to adoption: Agriculture in Australia by Peter Hayman (0.33 MB PDF) 

Sustainability at bargain-basement prices. An NRM story about trade-offs, compromises and tentative successes by Mark Howden (0.75 MB PDF) 

Developing within-country climate prediction capacity in the South West Pacific by Ann Farrell (3.33 MB PDF) 

Assessing impacts of climatic variations on wheat and rice production in Bangladesh by Taslima Imam (0.42 MB PDF)

Summary of key points/conclusions of Day 2 (0.18 MB PDF)

Day 3 Presentations - Thursday 17 February 2005 (in pdf)

Predicting farm financial performance for policy development by Rohan Nelson (0.73 MB PDF) 

Real options - from technology push to industry pull by Greg Hertzler (0.52 MB PDF) 

From on-farm risk management to policy and back by Miles Dracup (0.46 MB PDF) 

Application of climate predictions and simulation models for the benefit of agriculture in Romania  by Adriana Marica (1.35 MB PDF) 

Seasonal forecasting of pasture production in temperate climates  by Alan Porteous (2.75 MB PDF)

Summary of key points/conclusions of Day 3 (0.66 MB PDF)

Proceedings and Report of the Expert Team Meeting (Powerpoint Show File)  (0.04 MB PPS) 





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