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Expert Team Meeting on
Weather, Climate And Farmers

Geneva, Switzerland
15-18 November 2004

Presentations: Day 1 - Monday 15 November 2004 (in Powerpoint Show format)

Weather, Climate and Farmers: an overview  by Roger Stone (2.83 MB PPS - Powerpoint Show File)

Communication of Agroclimatic Information: a global perspective by M.V.K. Sivakumar (1.75 MB PPS) 

Weather and climate monitoring for food risk management  by G. Maracchi (2.93 MB PPS) 

Use of climate and weather data at the farm level  by W. Janssen (2.18 MB PPS) 

Monitoring of crop growth and development conditions in Romania using integrated weather and satellite derived data by G. Stancalie (3.01 MB PPS) 

Activities of the German Weather Service in the field of agroclimatology  by H. Friesland (3.16 MB PPS) 

Free accessible interactive irrigation advisory system on the Internet based on real time meteorological measurements  by S. Szalai (3.50 MB PPS) 

Automatic procedures of agroclimatic data spatial interpolation for the application of simulation models  by S. Orlandini (2.11 MB PPS) 

Model based estimation of nitrogen fertilization recommendations using agrometeorological data  by C. Kersebaum (3.84 MB PPS)

Day 2 - Tuesday 16 November 2004

Application of climate and weather information, data and forecast systems for agriculture by A. Habib (0.27 MB PPS) 

Combining earth observation data into a crop meteorological damage alert system by L. Toulios (3.51 MB PPS) 

Spring frost risk evaluation in orchards: forecasts and protection methods by F. Rossi (3.31 MB PPS) 

Frost risk mapping using satellite data by N. Dalezios (1.84 MB PPS) 

Agrometeorological support of fruit production: application in SW Slovenia by A. Susnik (4.29 MB PPS) 

Calculating leaf wetness duration in an apple orchard by T. H. Sivertsen  (3.79 MB PPS) 

New Meteorological Satellites - selected applications for agrometeorology by P. Struzik (3.06 MB PPS) 

Possibilities of using satellite information in agrometeorology; advantages and limitations by Z. Dunkel (1.34 MB PPS)

Using seasonal climate forecasts and the CROPWAT model for irrigation planning and management by A. Marica (0.90 MB PPS) 

Organization of agrometeorological forecasts and observations in Bulgaria by V. Kazandjiev (3.13 MB PPS) 

USDA's Weather and Climate Information System for Operational Applications in Agriculture by R. Stefanski & R. Motha  (4.87 MB PPS) 

Applications of FAO agrometeorological software in response farming context by R. Gommes  (2.40 MB PPS) 

Agrometeorological simulation using PERO Model for Grape Vine Downy Mildew in Greece by N. Dalezios  (0.33 MB PPS) 

Day 3 - Wednesday 17 November 2004

Enhancing communication with farmers by P. Hayman (3.46 MB PPS) 

World Agrometeorological Information Service (WAMIS) by R. Stefanski  (1.77 MB PPS) 

Agricultural advisory services as intermediates for online agromet applications for farmers by I. Thysen (1.04 MB PPS) 

Earth Observation Technologies to Improve Irrigation Advisory Services - DEMETER  by A. Jochum, A. Calera, A. Cuesta (4.37 MB PPS) 

lmproving applications of forecasts, advisories and agrometeorological products  by A. Harou (1.26 MB PPS) 

Effective use of agrometeorological systems and information  by J. Zullo (5.01 MB PPS)

Application of climate forecasts and products for agriculture by D. Maiga (0.07 MB PPS) 

Agricultural impact studies in areas of complex orography by F. Sau (3.79 MB PPS) 

Short and medium term weather forecasts for the agriculture based on the postprocessing of the ECMWF-EPS outputs by A. Maestre (1.08 MB PPS) 

Climate Change: it is not too late if farmers act now by L. K. Bogataj (2.94 MB PPS)



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