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Expert Team Meeting On Meteorological Information For Locust Control

Geneva, Switzerland
18-20 October 2004

Meteorological Information for Locust Control - Challenges and Opportunites by M.V.K. Sivakumar (8.6 MB)

Weather, climate, locust outbreaks and their migration - Indian Locust Experience by J.R. Sharma (8.3 MB)

Weather, climate and locusts in West Africa by B. Sidibe (0.8 MB)

Meteorological information for locusts Control Operations - FAO Experience by K. Cressman (4.7 MB)

Importance of meteorological information in locust forecasting models by G. Maracchi (5.7 MB)

Climate Database Management Systems (CDMS) of WMO by H. Kontongomde (0.1 MB)



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