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AGM Publications

The WMO publications of interest to Agricultural Meteorology are:

red ballTechnical Notes: These publications are priced and  may be ordered from the WMO catalogue of publications.

red ballBooks: Published books from CAgM and AGM activities. 

red ballSpecial Journal Issues: Papers from CAgM and AGM activities that have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

red ballProceedings (AGM Reports): Proceedings from CAgM and AGM activities published in the AGM report series. PDF versions of several AGM Reports are now available online at this link.

red ballCAgM reports: These are reports of working groups, panels and rapporteurs. They are not included in in the WMO catalogue of publications, are not priced and not for sale. PDF versions of most reports are now available online at this link.   Paper versions can also be obtained on request, free of charge, from the WMO Secretariat.

red ballBrochures: PDF versions of the Brochures are now available online at this link. 

red ballCD-ROMs and DVDs:

  • DVD of WMO Side Event from UNCCD COP-7 October 2005
  • Publications of the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology 1954-1999 (2 CDs)
  • Free Software for Agroclimatic Data Management


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