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AGM Related Technical Notes


Technical Note No. 202. Report of CAgM Working Group. 2004. Management Strategies in Agriculture and Forestry for Mitigation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Adaptation to Climate Variability and Climate Change. WMO No. 969.

Technical Note No. 201. Das, H.P., Adamenko, T.I., Anaman, K.A., Gommes, R.G, and Johnson, G. 2003. Agrometeorology Related to Extreme Events. WMO No. 943, 137 pp.

Technical Note No. 200. Salinger, M.J., Desjardins, R.L., Janzen, H., Karing, P,H., Veerasamy, S., and Zipoli, G. 2000. Climate Variability, Agriculture and Forestry: Towards Sustainability. WMO No. 928, 41 pp.

Technical Note No. 199. Salinger, M.J., Desjardins, R., Jones, M.B., Sivakumar, M.V.K., Strommen, N.D., Veerasamy, S., Lianhai, W. 1997. Climate Variability, Agriculture and Forestry: An Update. WMO No. 841, 51 pp.

Technical Note No. 198. Gat, Z., Erner, E., Goldsmith, E. 1997. The Effect of Temperature on the Citrus Crop. WMO No. 840, 25 pp.

Technical Note No. 197. Brereton, A.J., Danielov, S.A., Scott, D. 1996. Agrometeorology of Grass and Grasslands for Middle Latitudes. WMO No. 839, 36 pp.

Technical Note No. 196. 1994. Climate Variability, Agriculture and Forestry. Report of the CAgM-IX Working Group on the study of Climate Effects on Agriculture including Forests, and of the Effects of Agriculture and Forest on Climate. WMO N° 802. 152 pp.

Technical Note No. 194. Wylie, R.G., Lalas, T. 1992. Measurement of Temperature and Humidity. Specification, Construction, Properties and Use of the WMO Reference Psychrometer. WMO No. 759, 70 pp.

Technical Note No. 193. Biswas, B.C. (CAgM Rapporteur on Agroclimatology of the Sugar-Cane Crop) 1988. Agroclimatology of the Sugar-Cane Crop. WMO No. 703. 90 pp.

Technical Note No. 192. 1988. Agrometeorological Aspects of Operational Crop Protection. (Report of the CAgM Working Group on Agrometeorological Aspects of Operational Crop Protection) WMO N° 687. 165 pp.

Technical Note No. 191. 1989. Animal Health and Production at Extremes of Weather. (Reports of the CAgM Working Groups on Weather and Animal Disease and Weather and Animal Health) WMO N° 685. 181 pp.

Technical Note No. 190. Starr, J.R. 1988. Weather, Climate and Animal Performance. WMO No. 684, 121 pp.

Technical Note No. 189. Karpov, A., Miller, D. 1987. The Contribution of Satellite Data and Services to WMO Programmes in the Next Decade. WMO No. 679. 58 pp.

Technical Note No. 188. Szepsi, D.J. CCI Rapporteur on Atmospheric Pollution. 1987. Application of Meteorology to Atmospheric Pollution Problems. WMO No. 672. 51 pp.

Technical Note No. 186. 1989. Land Management in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas. By a working group of CAgM. WMO No. 662. 148 pp.

Technical Note No. 184. 1986. Land Use and Agrosystem Management Under Severe Climatic Conditions. By a working group of CAgM. WMO No. 633. 161 pp.

Technical Note No. 182. 1986. The Analysis of Data Collected from International Experiments on Lucerne. (Report of the CAgM Working Group on International Experiments for the Acquisition of Lucerne/Weather Data). WMO No. 629. 133 pp.

Technical Note No. 180. Robertson, G.W. 1983. Weather-Based Mathematical Models for Estimating Development and Ripening of Crops. WMO No. 620. 86 pp.

Technical Note No. 179. Olderrman, L.R., Frère, M. 1982. A Study of the Agroclimatology of the Humid Tropics of South-East Asia. WMO No. 597. 229 pp.

Technical Note No. 178. 1983. Meteorological Aspects of Certain Processes Affecting Soil Degradation - Especially Erosion. Report of the CAgM Working Group on Meteorological Factors Associated with Certain Aspects of Soil Degradation and Erosion. WMO No. 591. 149 pp.

Technical Note No. 175. 1981. Meteorological Aspects of the Utilization of Wind as an Energy Source. WMO No. 575. 180 pp.

Technical Note No. 174. 1982. The Effect of Meteorological Factors on Crop Yields and Methods of Forecasting the Yield. Based on a report by the CAgM Working Group on the Effect of Agrometeorological Factors on Crop Yields and Methods of Forecasting the Yield. WMO No. 566. 54 pp.

Technical Note No. 173. Pedgley, D.E. 1980. Weather and Airborne Organisms. WMO No. 562. 91 pp.

Technical Note No. 172. 1981. Meteorological Aspects of the Utilization of Solar Radiation as an Energy Source. Annex. World Maps of Relative Global Radiation. WMO. No. 557, 29 pp.

Technical Note No. 168. Robertson, G.W., et al. 1980. The Role of Agrometeorology in Agriculture Development and Investment Projects. WMO NO. 536, 85 pp.

Technical Note No. 167. Omar, M.H. CAgM Rapporteur. 1980. Meteorological Factors Affecting the Epidemiology of the Cotton Leaf Worm and the Pink Bollworm. WMO No. 532, 46 pp.

Technical Note No. 164. Omar, M.H. CAgM Rapporteur. 1980. The Economic Value of Agrometeorological Information Advice. WMO No. 526, 52 pp.

Nota Tecnia No. 161. Frère, M., Rijks, J.Q., Rea, J. 1978. Estudio Agroclimatologico de la Zona Andina. WMO No. 506. 297 pp.

Technical Note No. 160. Da Mota, F.S. 1978. Soya bean and Weather. WMO No. 498. 64 pp.

Technical Note No. 159. Armour, J., Branagan, D., Donelly, J. Gemmell, M.A., Gettinby, Gibson, T.E., Grainger, J.N.R., Hope Cawdery, M.J., Leimbacher, F., Levine, N.D., Nosek, J., Ross, J.G., Service, M.W., Smith, L.P, Sonenshsine, D.E., Tarry, D.W., Thomas, R.:J:, Williamson, M.H., Wilson, R.A. Edited by T.E. Gibson. 1978. Weather and Parasitic Animal Disease. WMO No. 497. 174 pp.

Technical Note No. 157. Bagdonas, A., Georg, J.C., Gerber, J.F. 1978. Techniques of Frost Prediction and Methods of Frost and Cold Protection. WMO No. 487, 160 p

Technical Note No. 154. Maybank, J. 1977. The Scientific Planning and Organization of Precipitation Enhancement Experiments, with Particular Attention to Agricultural Needs. WMO No. 478, 88 pp.

Technical Note No. 151. Baier, W. 1977. Crop-Weather Models and Their Use in Yield Assessments. WMO No. 48 pp.

Technical Note No. 148. Downs, R.J., Hellners, H. 1976. Controlled Climate and Plant Research. WMO No. 436. 60 pp.

Technical Note No. 147. Mukammal, E.I. 1976. Review of Present Knowledge of Plant Injury by Air Pollution. WMO No. 431. 27 pp,

Technical Note No. 146. Bernard, E.A. 1975. Cost and Structure of Meteorological Services with Special Reference to the Problems of Developing Countries. Part I - Part II. WMO N° 426, 52 pp.

Technical Note No. 145. Berggren, R. 1975. Economic Benefits of Climatological Services. WMO No. 424, 43 pp.

Technical Note No. 144. Robertson, G.W. 1975. Rice and Weather. WMO No. 423. 40 pp.

Technical Note No. 143. Sneyers, R. 1990 . On the Statistical Analysis of Series of Observations. .WMO No. 415, 192 pp.

Technical Note No. 138. Hounam, C.E. Burgos, J.J., Kalik, M.S., Palmer, W.C., Rodda, J. 1975. Drought and Agriculture (Report of the CAgM Working Group on Assessment of Drought). WMO No. 392, 127 pp.

Technical Note No. 137. Hurst G.W. 1975. Meteorology and the Colorado Potato Beetle. WMO No. 391. 51 pp.

Technical Note. No. 136. Davies, J.W. 1975. Mulching Effects on Plant Climate and Yield. WMO No. 388. 92 pp.

Technical Note No. 135. Alexeiev, J.K., Dalrymple, P.C., Gerger, H. 1974. Instrument and Observing Problems in Cold Climates. WMO No. 384, 30 pp.

Technical Note No. 133. MacHattie, L.B., Schnelle, F. 1974. An Introduction to Agrotopoclimatology (Based on the report of the Working Group on Agricultural Topoclimatology). WMO N° 378. 131 pp.

Technical Note No. 132. Schneider, R., McQuigg, J.D.M., Means, L.L., Klyukin, N.K. 1974. Applications of Meteorology to Economic and Social Development. WMO No. 375, 130 pp.

Technical Note No. 131. Seemann, J. 1974. Climate Under Glass. WMO No. 373. 40 pp.

Technical Note No. 126. Hounam, C.E. 1973. Comparison Between Pan and Lake Evaporation. WMO No. 354. 52 pp.

Technical Note No. 125. Brown, N.H., Cochemé, J. 1973. A Study of the Agroclimatology of the Highlands of Eastern Africa. WMO No. 339. 197 pp.

Technical Note No. 124. Anderson, R.K., Ashman, J.P., Farr, G.R., Ferguson, E.W., Isayeva, G.N., Oliver, V.J., Parmenter, F.C., Popova, T.P., Skidmore, R.W., Smith, A.H., Veltishchev, N.F. 1973. The Use of Satellite Pictures in Weather Analysis and Forecasting (Revised Version of Technical No. 75). WMO No. 333, 275 pp.

Technical Note No. 122. Smith, C.V. 1972. Some Environmental Problems of Livestock Housing. WMO No. 325. 71 pp.

Technical Note No. 121. Munn, R.E., Eggleton, A.E.J., Facy, L., Pack, D.H., Schmidt, F.H. 1972. Dispersion and Forecasting of Air Pollution (Report by a working group of the Commission for Atmospheric Sciences). WMO No. 319, 116 pp.

Technical Note No. 119. Lemon, E.R., Baumgartner, A., Budyco, M., Inoue, E., Monteith, J.L., Slatyer, R.O., Stanhill, G. 1972. The Application of Micrometeorology to Agricultural Problems (Report of the Working Group on Agrometeorological Aspects of Micrometeorology of the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology) WMO N° 298. 74 pp.

Technical Note No. 118. Hurst, G.W., Rumney, R.P. 1971. Protection of Plants against Adverse Weather. WMO No. 281. 64 pp.

Technical Note. No. 116. Flohn, H. (with the collaboration of M. Ketata). 1971. Investigations on the Climatic Conditions of the Advancement of the Tunisian Sahara. WMO No. 279. 14 pp.

Note Technique No. 116. Flohn, H. 1971. Etude des Conditions Climatiques de L'Avance de Sahara Tunisien. WMO No. 279, 15 pp

Technical Note No. 115. 1971. Machine Processing of Hydrometeorological Data. Prepared by a working group of the Commission of Hydrometeorology. WMO No. 275, 79 pp.

Technical Note No. 114. Fordsdyke, A.G. 1970. Meteorological Factors in Air Pollution. WMO No. 274. 32 pp.

Technical Note No. 113. Smith, L.P. 1970 . Weather and Animal Diseases. WMO No. 268. 49 pp.

Technical Note No. 111. Gandin, L.S: 1970. The Planning of Meteorological Station Networks. WMO No. 265, 35 pp.

Technical Note No. 107. Smith, C.V. 1970. Meteorological Observations in Animal Experiments. WMO N° 253. 37 pp.

Technical Note No. 106. 1970. Meteorological Aspects of Air Pollution. WMO N° 251. 69 pp.

Technical Note No. 104. 1970. Radiation including Satellite Techniques. Proceedings of the WMO/IUGG Symposium held in Bergen, August 1968. WMO No. 248, 549 pp.

Technical Note No. 101. Smith, C.V., Gough, M.C. 1990. Meteorology and Grain Storage. WMO N° 234, 82 pp.

Technical Note No. 100. 1969. Data Processing for Climatological Purposes. Proceedings of the WMO Symposium, Asheville, N.C., 1968. WMO No. 242. 13 pp.

Technical Note No. 99. Hogg, W.G., Hounam, C.E., Mallik, A.K., Zadoks, J.C. 1969. Meteorological Factors Affecting the Epidemiology of Wheat Rusts. Report of the Working Group on Meteorological Factors Affecting the Epidemiology of Wheat Rust of the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology. WMO No. 238. 143 pp.

Technical Note No. 98. 1969. Estimation of Maximum Floods. Report of a working group of the Commission for Hydrometeorology. WMO No. 233, 208 pp.

Technical Note No. 97. Stanhill, G., Baier, W., Doyle, J.J., Gangopadhyaya, M., Razumova, L.A., Winter, E.J. 1968. Practical Soil Moisture Problems in Agriculture. (Report of the Working Group on Practical Soil Moisture Problems in Agriculture of the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology). WMO No. 235, 69 pp.

Technical Note No. 96. Mukammal, E.I., Brandt, C.S., Neuwirth, R., Pack, D.H., Swinbank, W.C. 1968. Air Pollutants, Meteorology, and Plant Injury (Report of the CAgM Working Group on Plant Injury and Reduction of Yield by Non-Radioactive Air Pollutants ). WMO No. 234, 73 pp.

Technical Note. No. 92. 1969. Hydrological Forecasting. Proceedings of the WMO/UNESCO Symposium on Hydrological Forecasting, Surfers' Paradise, Queensland, Australia, 1967. WMO No. 228, 325 pp.

Technical Note No. 86. Cochemé, J., Franquin, P. 1967. An agroclimatology Survey of a Semiarid Area in Africa South of the Sahara. WMO No. 210. 136 pp.

Technical Note No. 84. Jagannathan, P., Arléry, R., Ten Kate, H., Zavarina, M.V. 1967. A Note of Climatological Normals. Report of a working group of the commission for Climatology. WMO No. 208, 19 pp.

Technical Note No. 83. Gangopadhyaya, M. Harbeck, Jr. G., Nordenson, T.J., Omar, M.H., Uryvaev, V.A. 1966. Measurement and Estimation of Evaporation and Evapotranspiration. Report of the CIMO Working Group on Evaporation Measurement) WMO No. 201, 121 pp.

Technical Note No. 82. 1967. Automatic Weather Stations. Proceedings of the WMO Technical Conference on Automatic Weather Stations, Geneva, 1966. WMO No. 200, 364 pp.

Technical Note No. 81. Thom, H.C.S. 1966. Some Methods of Climatological Analysis. WMO N° 199. 53 pp.

Technical Note No. 79. Mitchell, Jr. J.M., Dzerdzeevskii, B., Flohn, H., Hofmeyr, W.L., Lamb, H.H., Rao, K.N., Walléen, C.C. 1966. Climatic Change. (Report of a working group of the Commission for Climatology). WMO No. 195. 79 pp.

Technical Note No. 69. 1965. Meteorology and the Desert Locust: Proceedings of the WMO/FAO Seminar on Meteorology and the Desert Locust, Tehran, 25 November-11 December 1963. WMO No. 171. 310 pp.

Technical Note No. 66. 1965. WMO-IUGG Symposium on Research and Development Aspects of Long-Range Forecasting. Boulder, Colorado, 1964. WMO No. 162, 339 pp.

Technical Note No. 62. Alaka, M.A. 1964. Problems of Tropical Meteorology (A Survey). WMO No. 155, 36 pp.

Technical Note No. 59. Van Eimern, J., Karschon, R., Razumova, L.A., Robertson, G.W. 1964. Windbreaks and Shelterbelts. . WMO No. 147, 188 pp.

Note Technique No. 56. Perrin de Brichambaut, G., Wallén, C.C. 1964. Une étude d'agroclimatologie dans les zones arides et semi-arides du Proche-Orient. WMO No. 141, 69 pp.

Technical Note No. 55. Post, J.J., Allison, C.C., Burckhardt, H., Preece, T.F . 1963. The Influence of Weather Conditions on the Occurrence of Apple scab. WMO N° 140, 40 pp.

Technical Note No. 54. Rainey, R.C. 1963. Meteorology and the Migration of Desert Locusts. WMO N° 138, 115 pp.

Technical Note No. 53. Green, G.C. 1963. The Effect of Weather and Climate upon the Keeping Quality of Fruit. Part I - General (Report of a working group of the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology). Part II - The Banana Plant. Part III - The Pineapple Plant. WMO N° 137, 180 pp.

Technical Note No. 52. Treussart, H., Kettering, C.A., Sanuki, M., Venkiteshwaran, S.P., Mani, A. 1963. Automatic Weather Stations. WMO No. 136, 19 pp.

Technical Note No. 51. Blanc, M.L., Geslin, H., Holzberg, I.A., Mason, B. 1963. Protection Against Frost Damage. . WMO No. 133. 62 pp.

Technical Note No. 42. Turner, J.A., Lillywhite, J.W., Pieslak, Z. 1961. Forecasting for Forest Fire Services. . WMO No. 110, 56 pp.

Technical Note No. 41. Austin Bourke, P.M. 1961. Climatic Aspects of the Possible Establishment of the Japanese Beetle in Europe. WMO No. 110, 9 pp.

Technical Note No. 36. Taba, H. 1961. Ozone Observations and their Meteorological Applications. WMO No. 108, 48 pp.

Technical Note No 32. Austin Bourke, P.M., Ashton, H.T., Huberman, M.A., Lean, O.B., Maan, W.J., Nagle, A.H. 1960. Meteorological Service for Aircraft Employed in Agriculture and Forestry. (Report prepared by a working group of the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology). WMO No. 96, 32 pp.

Technical Note No. 22. Landsberg, H.E. 1958. Preparing Climatic Data for the User. WMO No. 73, 18 pp.

Technical Note No. 21. Rider, N.E: 1958. Measurement of Evaporation Humidity in the Biosphere and Soil Moisture. WMO No. 71, 49 pp.

Technical Note No. 20. Blanc, M.L. 1958. The Climatological Investigation of Soil Temperature. WMO No. 72, 18 pp.

Technical Note No. 11. Robertson, G.W. 1955. The Standardization of the Measurement of Evaporation as a Climatic Factor. WMO No. 42, 10 pp.

Technical Note No. 10. Austin Bourke, P.M. 1955. The Forecasting from Weather Data of Potato Blight and Other Plan Diseases and Pests. WMO No. 42, 48 pp.

Technical Note No. 8. Godson, W.L. 1955. Atmospheric Radiation (Current Investigations and Problems). WMO No. 38, 32 pp.

Technical Note No. 1. 1954. Artificial Inducement of Precipitation with Special Reference to the Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of the World. (A preliminary report prepared by the Technical Division of the WMO Secretariat). WMO No. 24, 24 pp.



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