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WMO and Adaptation to Climate Variability/Change


WMO and Nairobi Work Programme

Concept Paper on the Role of WMO and NMHSs in the Implementation of the Nairobi Work Programme (CCA-1)

WMO reports to UNFCCC on adaptation

  • Methods and tools
  • Data and observations
  • Climate modelling, scenarios, and downscaling
  • Climate-related risks and extreme events
  • Socio-economic information
  • Adaptation planning and practices
  • Research
  • Technologies for adaptation
  • Economic diversification

Adapting to Climate Change – WMO
Implementation of Five-Year Programme

UNFCCC - Nairobi Work Programme

UNFCCC Adaptation

Nairobi Work Programme (UNFCCC)

WMO Statement at UNFCCC-SBSTA-25

WMO Statement at UNFCCC-SBSTA-26


International Strategy on Disaster Reduction - Working Groups

ISDR WG on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction
ISDR WG 1: Climate and Disaster






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