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Terms of Reference for Advisors Reporting to the President

Communications Advisors

  1. Serve as a resource to be consulted by the Management Group as well all teams and rapporteurs on effective communication,
  2. Advise on efficient and effective approaches to CCl communications.


  1. Patrick Luganda, Uganda
  2. Iman Babaeian, Iran
  3. TBD
  4. Susan Hassol, USA
  5. Simon Torok, Australia
  6. TBD

High Level Advisor on GFCS

  1. Keep under review the ongoing developments in the implementation of the GFCS, with special attention to the decisions of the IBCS, and advise the president on all matters related to the GFCS;
  2. Represent CCl at relevant GFCS meetings, in close consultation with the president;
  3. Review GFCS-related meeting reports and documents as well as the related outcomes of CCl activities, to ensure that the advice provided is based on the latest, most up to date GFCS information as well as the ongoing CCl contributions.




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