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Implementation Coordination Team on the Climate Services Information System (ICT-CSIS)

Terms of Reference

  1. Keep under review the features of the Climate Services Information System (CSIS) within the implementation plan of the GFCS, and identify potential CCl contributions thereto;
  2. Advise and coordinate across CCl, ensuring the involvement of all the OPACEs, on developments and contributions to the CSIS including, inter alia, transition of the Climate Information and Prediction Services (CLIPS) project activities into the GFCS following its expected conclusion in 2015 as decided by Cg-XVI;
  3. Advise the CCl president on the GFCS governance aspects relevant to the CSIS;
  4. Elaborate a minimum set of climate information outputs, covering historical, monitoring, prediction and verification information, that are expected of the CSIS at the global, regional and national levels;
  5. Liaise closely with CBS, WCRP and other relevant bodies to establish formal structures for operational CSIS elements, and facilitate the global-regional-national linkages in the flow of climate information, including the development of a CSIS Technical Reference manual;
  6. Collaborate with experts within and outside of the Commission to help build, implement and coordinate a Climate Services Toolkit in close alignment with the related activities within the GFCS Implementation Plan;
  7. Provide guidance on user interface and capacity development aspects of CSIS to ensure effective integration of CSIS implementation within the overall GFCS implementation.


  1. B. Bannerman, Australia
  2. J.P. Ceron, France
  3. N. Chattopadhyay, India
  4. C. Goodess, UK
  5. D. Jayasuriya, Australia
  6.  A. Kamga, Cameroon
  7. A. Klein Tank, The Netherlands (Co-Lead)
  8. S. Mason, USA
  9. L. Pereira, Bolivia
  10. R. S. Pulwarty, USA (Lead)
  11. R. Stone, Australia
  12. C. Sun, China
  13. M. Timofeyeva-Livezey, USA




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