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Call for Nominations

Open Panels of CCl Experts (OPACEs)

What are OPACEs

CCl, at its fifteenth session in 2010, recognized the need to be flexible and adaptive to new priorities to support its work including the implementation of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) and the associated WMO commitments. As a result, CCl decided to establish Open Panel of CCl Experts (OPACEs) in key thematic areas of its interest to facilitate broader and more flexible participation of experts in the activities of the Commission. Furthermore, the open membership approach for the entire intersessional period helps, in the future, enhance the accomplishment of CCl results by increased performance and a broader expert base to address the thematic areas. The OPACEs promote the use of quality management principles in facilitating wider participation, liaising with users, reporting mechanisms and publication process.

CCl Management Group has proposed to continue with the concept of OPACEs, for consideration by CCl at its sixteenth session in 2014, in five thematic areas.  The present call is to seek nominations to re-establish the OPACEs for the next four years (2014-2018).

What are the advantages of joining OPACEs

OPACEs enhance the participation of experts to cover the broader scope of the new CCl structure.  This is the main route through which volunteers with expertise in one of more of the key subject areas, can contribute to WMO CCl activities.  Experts nominated for OPACEs are considered for inclusion in the various expert teams and task teams established as part of the CCl working structure. Active participation and contributions of experts will facilitate consideration of latest science and technology developments and formulation of better policies, standards and practices relating to climate information and operational services as well as application of climate information to decision making. Active participation in OPACEs and their constituent teams is also a major avenue for international networking and capacity development efforts.

Nomination Procedure

WMO has already issued circular letters to the Permanent Representatives (PRs) of all WMO Members, inviting nominations.  Links to copies of these letters and their annexes in five official languages of WMO are provided below, which have more details on the OPACEs and the nomination procedure.  Nominations are to be submitted on the prescribed forms to WMO, with due endorsement of the PRs of the respective countries with WMO. Although these nominations can be submitted throughout the intersessional period, experts are encouraged to have them submitted before June 20, 2014 to enable consideration during the constitution of the teams at the forthcoming CCl-16 session (3-8 July 2014).

Nomination form

Note: Please make sure that the form is downloaded and saved locally for filling up.  Also, use a system pdf viewer such as Adobe Reader® for filling up and saving.  Opening the file in a browser window for filling up and saving may not work.

Circular letters sent to the Permanent Representatives:

Proposed composition of Open Panels of CCl Experts (OPACEs)





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