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Commission for Climatology - Terms of Reference

The terms of reference of the Commission for Climatology* shall be:

  1. To advise and guide WMO climate activities relevant to the implementation of the Global Framework for Climate Services;
  2. To assist Members in the gathering, management and sharing of climate data;
  3. To promote the analysis, monitoring, assessment and reporting of the climate system;
  4. To promote the development of climate products and services and, in conjunction with the Commission for Basic Systems, their delivery mechanisms;
  5. To promote the development of climate products, services and information to inform on adaptation and climate risk management, in collaboration with relevant institutions, and demonstrate the social and environmental benefits of such services;
  6. To assist Members, especially those from developing and least developed countries, to build their climate-related capacity to meet the needs of their stakeholders;
  7. To play an active role in WMO’s interactions with other United Nations and international agencies on climate-related matters.

*Annex 2 to Resolution 43 (Cg-XVI)



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