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WMO Technical Conference onClimate Services – Building on CLIPS Legacy

30 June – 2 July 2014, Heidelberg, Germany




30 June 2014: Evolution and Legacy of CLIPS
  • CLIPS Achievements
  • Global climate information
  • Panel discussion: Enriching climate information at Regional and National Climate Outlook Fora – Improving dialogue between operational, research and stakeholder communities and initiatives focused on linkages with Climate Outlook Fora
01 July 2014: Operational Climate Services - Towards GFCS
  • Climate data and monitoring systems (including data rescue)
  • Putting together a climate service toolkit
  • Building user interface for effective use of climate information
  • Panel discussion: Transitioning CLIPS into GFCS – Creating information systems for climate services
02 July 2014: New Research and Operational Challenges and Perspectives (Joint CCl/WCRP Session)
  • Research contributions to operational climate information and services: Focus on sub-seasonal to seasonal prediction
  • Beyond interannual predictions: Decade and century climate predictions/projections
  • Regional climate information: Challenges of downscaling (including COordinated Regional climate Downscaling EXperiment (CORDEX))
  • Limits to predictability and communication of uncertainty, using uncertain information in climate risk management
  • Panel discussion: Recommendations on research gaps and operational requirements – Joint CCl-JSC statement




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