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Expert Team on WMO Climate Statement


  1. Mr John Kennedy (UK, RA VI) lead
  2. Mr Ardasena Sopaheluwakan (Indonesia, RA V) co-lead                              
  3. Mr Kouakou Dje (Cote d'Ivoire, RA I)
  4. Mr Anil Gupta (India, RA II)
  5. Mr José Brito (Brazil, RA III)
  6. Ms Jessica Blunden (USA, RA IV)
  7. Ms Gönül Kiliç (Turkey, RA VI)

Associated experts:

  1. Mr Huang Lei (China, RA II)
  2. Ms Saviz Sehatkashani (Iran, RA II)
  3. Mr Jose Luis Stella (Argentina, RA III)
  4. Mr Blair Trewin (Australia, RA V)




  • Support regular and high-quality policy-relevant WMO Climate Statements, ensure synergy with IPCC and GCOS on climate indicators, lead assessments of world records on weather and climate extremes and guide use of climate and climate change information for policymakers.


Terms of Reference:


  • Oversee the further development and provision of the WMO Statements on the State of the Global climate with consideration of high-level policy requirements and assist the Secretariat for producing these statements;
  • Liaise with IPCC and GCOS on climate indicators;
  • Ensure leadership for assessing world records on weather and climate extremes;
  • Liaise with Focus area 4 and WMO Communication and Public Affairs Office on climate change communication aspects.




  • Publication of high-quality climate statements;
  • Evaluation of World records on weather and climate extremes and maintain their database.




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