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Expert Team on Sector-specific Climate Indices


  1. Mr Adam Kalkstein (USA, RA IV) co-lead
  2. Ms Lisa Alexander (Australia, RA V) co-lead
  3. Ms Atika Kasmi (Morocco, RA I)
  4. Mr Tosiyuki Nakaegawa (Japan, RA II)
  5. Ms Danielle Barros Ferreira (Brazil, RA III)
  6. Mr Jorge Luis Vazquez-Aguirre (Mexico, RA IV)
  7. Ms Lia Megrelidze (Georgia, RA VI)




  • Enhance software tool for sector-specific climate indices, and expand the community of developers and facilitate customization to meet region-specific needs.


Terms of Reference:


  • Further develop the standardized software ClimPACT to generate sector-specific climate indices to define simple and complex climate risks and support its integration into the Climate Services Toolkit;
  • Extend set of indices produced by ClimPACT to include indices derived from other climate variables that are relevant for sector impacts;
  • Further promote the use of sector-specific climate indices to bring out variability and trends in climate;
  • Develop the training materials needed to raise capacity and promote uniform approaches around the world in applying these techniques;
  • Further develop outreach material including videos and factsheets to promote the use of sector-specific indices in decision-making process;
  • Lead and guide regional workshops building on the experience gained and lessons learned from the previous workshops;
  • Initiate setting up a developers working group for further improvement and customization to address regional needs.




  • Updated version of ClimPACT tool incorporating additional features and indices;
  • Working group with regional representation established with specific tasks defined;
  • Outreach material to promote the utilization of sector-specific indices;
  • Contribute to the guidance for design and delivery of tailored products and services across all time scales (historical past to climate change projections).






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