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Expert Team on Capacity Development for Service Delivery including Quality Management


  1. Mr Wassila Thiaw (USA, RA IV) lead
  2. Mr Rachid Sebbari (Morocco, RA I) co-lead
  3. Mr Ebrahim Asadi Oskouei (Iran, RA II)
  4. Ms Godilia Teresa Garcia Vilca (Peru, RA III)
  5. Ms Helen Tseros (Australia, RA V)
  6. Ms Jennifer Joy West (Norway, RA VI)

Associated experts:

  1. Ms Fatima Zahra Bensaid (Morocco, RA I)
  2. Mr Francisco Villalpando (Mexico, RA IV)
  3. Ms Jane Strachan (UK, RA VI)




  • Liaise with Focus Area 3 to advise on capacity development for delivery of climate services by NMHSs and contribute to GFCS pillar in this area. Provide training material to facilitate implementation of Quality Management (QM) in climate services in NMHSs and provide guidance to NMHS transitioning to the new standard of ISO9001:2015.


Terms of Reference:


  • Provide guidance on capacity development to NMHSs of developing countries, making use of the guidelines for NMHSs on Capacity Development for Climate Services;
  • Coordinate with other Expert Teams related to capacity development, including advising on new materials, tools, software and training, and improve accessibility and use of already existing guiding/regulatory material, tools, software, etc.;
  • Collect and develop training material to facilitate implementation of QM and the WMO Service Delivery Strategy for climate services in NMHSs;
  • Support twinning activities and lessons learned to facilitate the implementation of a quality management system in NMHS relating to CSIS;
  • Ensure close coordination with WMO bodies relevant to Quality Management System (QMS);
  • Maintain and upgrade website on CCl-QM hosted by Turkish State Meteorological Service (TSMS).




  • Workplan for integrated capacity development for CSIS implementation in NMHSs;
  • Guidance on specification of QMS processes and Manual on QM for climate services in NMHSs;
  • Guidance and examples for implementation of the WMO Service Delivery Strategy relating to CSIS in NMHSs (including adherence to standards of the data, information and systems used to generate the products and services);
  • Short guidance document specifically to help ensure that standards are adhered to, and quality is maintained, by climate service providers (including the adherence of standards to the underlying data and information underpinning the services).




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