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Guide to Climatological Practices

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Guide to Climatological PracticesThe updated version of the 3rd Edition of the Guide to Climatological Practices (WMO No. 100) has been released on 13 December 2018. This version is the result of the work of Task Team on the Guide to Climatological Practices of Commission for Climatology (CCl) from 2014-2018.

This updated version is published in English and will be gradually translated in the other official languages of WMO to maximize dissemination of knowledge. As with the previous versions, WMO Members may translate this Guide into their national languages, as appropriate.

Download the Updated Third Edition of the Guide to Climatological Practices (2018)



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The Guide to Climatological Practices is a “living” document which is updated periodically. As updates of various chapters are issued, they are published on and accessible through this web page.  Optionally, you can register to receive notifications of updates to the guide.

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Users of the Guide are invited to provide WMO with their comments and suggestions for its further improvement.  Please use the e-mail address below for comments, corrections or questions regarding the Guide.



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