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Guide to Climatological Practices WMO-No. 100

(third edition)


Guide to Climatological Practices

The 3rd Edition of the Guide (WMO No. 100) has gone through extensive checking both internally in the Secretariat and externally done by a group of selected reviewers who met in Geneva, September 2009 right after the WCC-3. This process has been supervised by Dr Ned Guttman, NOAA, USA, who has served as one of the authors in the past then an editor. The text which is available for display on the web was finalized and ready for publishing after confirmation by CCl-XV, Antalya, 19-24 February 2010 as well as EC-LXII, June 2010.

WMO wishes to place on record the gratitude to all those who have contributed to the preparation of the third edition of the Guide to Climatological Practices (WMO No.100) and completed this publication with their wealth of suggestions.

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