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Developers Meeting on the GFCS-Relevant Climate Data, Products, and Tools

Geneva, Switzerland, 6-8 December 2016


A Developers Meeting on the GFCS-Relevant Climate Data, Products, and Tools, under the auspices of the CCl ICT-CSIS, will be held from 6 to 8 December, 2016, at WMO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, to advance the development of the Climate Services Toolkit (CST) among other goals.

The meeting will review the GFCS-relevant data and products currently available from WMO global and regional centres, and from the Essential Climate Variables (ECV) inventory.  Drawing on this background, the meeting will focus on identification, compilation and integration of specific data sets, products, and tools relevant to the implementation of the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), such as climate data management and mining, diagnostics, monitoring, predictions, projections, and tailoring of specific information, including through the CST, with the Regional Climate Centers (RCCs), Regional Climate Outlook Forums (RCOFs) and National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) as the target users.

The main output of the meeting will be an action plan to seek contributions and commitments to populate a suitably consolidated CSIS data and products portal, and to build a prototype CST, which is conceived as a suite of guidance, data, software tools, training resources, and examples for enabling climate services at global, regional, and national levels.



Resources and Links



Overview of selected resources relevant to CSIS implementation

Climate Services Toolkit (CST): Concept and potential resources


Climate Data

Climate Monitoring, Analysis, Predictions, Projections

Tools for Tailoring Climate Information

Break-out Group Discussion on CST development

Defining path for CST Implementation

Towards global infrastructure for CSIS implementation

Planning for International CSIS Workshop in March 2017



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