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Commission for Climatology
CCl Management Group Meeting

Denver, USA, 26-29 Oct 2011 - Poster Cluster


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Poster title
Poster 1- Commission for Climatology (CCl) – Intern. collaboration and past achievements

Poster Cluster 2- Climate applications training course

Poster cluster 3- Use of social media in climate science: The commission for climatology facebook experience

Poster cluster 4-Climate Science for Climate Services - Expert Team on Climate Change Detection and Indices (ETCCDI)

Poster cluster 5- Developing high-quality historical Mediterranean climate data and bringing them into the 21st Century: The WMO/MEDARE initiative

Poster cluster 6-Securing, managing and providing access to, climate data
Poster cluster 7-Towards sustainable observations in support of climate services
Poster cluster 8- Promoting worldwide climate monitoring and assessment capabilities: The WMO/CCl OPACE2 Experience

Poster cluster 9- Internationally Coordinating National Climate Monitoring Products

Poster cluster 10- Operationalizing climate predictions and working towards a climate services information system- A WMO Climate Information and Prediction Services (CLIPS) project

Poster cluster 11- Global Seasonal Climate Update: A new initiative for consensus-based real-time monitoring and prediction of seasonal climate of the world

Poster cluster 12-Regional climate centres and regional climate outlook forums: A regional collaborative approach in support of climate services

Poster cluster 13- Climate information for adaptation and risk management: The Task Team on Climate Risk Management (TT-CRM)
Poster cluster 14-Improving the use of climate information in sector decisions
Poster cluster 15- Operational methods for linking providers and users of seasonal predictions (ttupcof)
Poster cluster 16- Sectoral impacts of climate extremes: The Expert Team on Climate Risk and Sector-Specific Climate Indices (ET-CRSCI)







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