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Expert Team on Climate Data Base Management Systems (ET-CDMS)



Discussion Paper on Stations Metadata and WMO Core Profile: A way forward

Discussion Paper on Climatological needs for minimum Station Metadata in the frame of the WMO’s Publication 9 Volume A


Terms of Reference:

  1. Assess the current WMO Climate Database Management Systems (CDMS) since their first evaluation in 2001 and the development of new systems;
  2. Work in collaboration with the WMO WIS project office on using inter-operable systems to integrate and exchange NMHSs climate data and data from other sources such as remote sensing data, Geographic Information Systems, and data from applications sectors;
  3. Keep technology watch on software and the capability of data transfer through various means including mobile phones; and develop guidance and advice to the Members on the most practical, secure, reliable and affordable technologies in this domain;
  4. Develop and implement a monitoring mechanism for a continued updating of the CDMSs;
  5. Liaise with CBS, CHy, JCOMM and CAgM and the space programme on the any relevant issues related to climate data management and related systems;
  6. Assess the success of past and current capacity building activities in implementing new CDMSs operationally in replacement of CLICOM, and revise them as necessary;
  7. Submit reports in accordance with timetables established by the OPACE co-chairs.


  1. Steve Palmer (Chair) - UK
  2. Dennis Stuber (Co-Chair) - France
  3. Alpha Barry - Guinea
  4. Anyuan Xiong - China
  5. Bruce Bannerman (CCl rep to ET-MDI)- Australia
  6. Radim Tolasz - Czech Rep
  7. Gilkes Lloyd - Barbados
  8. Rachid Sebbari - Morocco
Associate Experts:
  1. Ersin Simsek - Turkey
  2. Frank Kaspar - Germany
  3. Jeff Arnfield - USA
  4. Johannes Behrendt - Germany



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