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Expert Team Data Rescue (ET-DARE)

Terms of Reference:

  1. To establish and record, through contact with interested parties including data users and data centres, general and specific needs for the rescue of historic observational data and metadata records;
  2. To assess regional needs for data rescue projects and to investigate associated synergies across different region , WMO programmes and commissions and other international Climate Data Recovery initiatives such as the Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth (ACRE) Project, the Mediterranean Data Rescue Initiative (MEDARE), and similar initiatives in other regions;
  3. To explore, document and make recommendations for addressing the needs for workshops, conferences and training events pertinent to this topic;
  4. To set up an International Data Rescue web portal (I-DARE);
  5. To submit reports to the OPACE-1 Co-chairs; and
  6. Task team lead to inform the OPACE co-chairs that the task is finished and that the team can be dissolved.


  1. Aryan Van Englen (Chair) - Netherlands
  2. Joseph Kimani (Co-Chair) - Kenya
  3. Rod Hutchinson - Australia
  4. Nancy Westcott - USA
  5. Umesh Joshi - India
  6. Alaor Dall'Antonia Jr. - Brazil
  7. Yusuf Ulupinar - Turkey
  8. Jose Antonio Guijarro - Spain



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