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Rapporteurs on World Records of Weather and Climate Extremes

Terms of Reference:

  1. Work with the OPACE 2 to create guidelines and appropriate mechanism (e.g. ad-hoc Assessment Committee) on verification of national, regional and global extremes;
  2. Work on the creation, verification and documentation of a database of national, regional and global extremes;
  3. Take the lead in creating and maintaining a database of extreme records, and in documenting such events, e.g. in peer-reviewed scientific papers;
  4. Develop guidelines and recommendations for continuing this record of extremes beyond the fourteenth intersession CCl period;
  5. Promote quality management system in the work of the rapporteur including the provision of the guidelines and reports;
  6. Submit reports in accordance with timetables established by the OPACE 2 co-chairs;

Joint Rapporteurs

  1. Randall Cerveny (Chair)- USA
  2. José Luis Stella (Co-Chair) - Argentina



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