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Task Team on Definitions of Extreme Weather and Climate Events

Terms of Reference:

  1. Considering the existing work and studies, including by WMO communities and others which relate to climate extreme events, their definitions, geographical distribution, space and time scales, intensity, etc;
  2. Taking into account the gaps in and the need for developing common definition related to climate extreme events with particular focus on cold waves, heat waves and severe precipitation and storms events (not including those related to tropical cyclones);
  3. Provide guidance to the Members on methodologies and standards for defining extreme weather and climate events and assessing their attribution and return periods, and advise on adequate computational tool for the assessment;
  4. Provide an advise on developing an inter-operable data base for climate extreme events with focus on regional and national levels;
  5. Liaise with other commissions, programs, co-sponsored programs and regional and international projects and agencies to develop linkages and partnership on this subject;
  6. Should software be deemed appropriate, either create the software or recommend that such software be created;
  7. Report to OPACE-2 co-chairs; and
  8. Task team lead to inform the OPACE co-chairs that the task is finished and that the team can be dissolved.


  1. Ren Fumin (Chair) - China
  2. Pattanaik Dushmenda (Co-Chair) - India
  3. Randall Cerveny - USA
  4. Blair Trewin - Australia
  5. Boris Sherstyukov - Russia
  6. Andreas Walter - Germany
  7. Diallo Aissatou - Guinea

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